A gift for Fii Nami :D :D :D

Okay, Fii, thought I might save you some trouble, I offer you this rant and rave:


NORTH ALLIANCE SUCKS! Worst alliance ever! Not even Top 10, maybe not even Top 100! 4th place this time, without Apoc in the war! NORTH SUCKS!

The only thing that could save them is to make Adju the Leader, but chances are that would only make them commit seppuku/harikari on a barbecue kabob pole!

So stop the pretending that North is anywhere near awesome.

The best comparison to make with North is the world’s best vacuum cleaner, because both suck the most!

North is so terrible, even Ivan the Terrible in his fits of madness feels bad for them.

ISIS doesn’t even want to bomb North Alliance because North Alliance is already a wasteland.

North Alliance ought to go into the cheese-making business and make some overripe brie because they already stink so bad!

That said, the only thing… the only thing… THE ONLY THING… that’s worse than North Alliance is…





… the bunch of cheaters known as Roaring Lions.




… lol…




Bugs and fishes,


Wow thats a whole new level of lameness you posted

Stop trying to make North Alliance relevant again

Cheaters. Cheaters. Cheaters.




So many cheaters!


Banned cheaters!

Yes yes cheaters cheaters

FG will keep banning RL players as well as RL keeps killing North ???

Wtf Ashish is that trolling on a whole new level ?

Wow…Sorry Adju, but that is lame.


a simple “no one cares” to anything they post would have sufficed ( and they have not even said anything ) 

It’s unfortunate to see the fall of NA like this.  But, I think it’s also very unfortunate for FG to be selectively enforcing rules in their TnC.  If everyone were banned for whoever shared an account, there wouldn’t be a lot left at top.  The players who were banned for completing tapjoy offers out of region offered to have all the gems taken from them and some have even spent north of $500 and maybe had less than 10k gems from out of region tapjoys offers.  The lack of warning and unwillingness to budge says something about this company now.  The same company who turned a blind eye to the likes of Doinnovation for years while he profited in real money from them doing nothing.  I know a bunch of people who would use VPN for bread videos as well, let’s go ban them all too.

Suspending the accounts would have been fine, word would have traveled quick that people were getting suspended for infractions that were ignored completely before.  Instead, they target a select few and perma banned them for the action.

Customer support / service was much better about 18 months ago when multiple issues I reported were actually fixed and gems were even given back for small mistakes.  Fast forward a bit and they start ending events early without notification and items that were sped up with gems aren’t rewarded back. Instead, it’s the Spanish Inquisition about how you bought the gems in the first place…  What do you mean how did I buy the gems, I bought them through the app store, don’t you have ANY accounting for purchases.  Provide them receipts and they still don’t believe I bought the gems.  Anyhow, /rant off, but that’s my experience with customer support.

For the record, RL is not even remotely full of cheaters.  RL’s skull perk isn’t even that of VL, so by that logic alone that makes VL cheaters.

But, it does like you’re getting the business by TLD (again) :slight_smile:

whats done, its done, there are still many wars to come, and we will face again, stronger :slight_smile: like old times.  

You guys aren’t full of cheaters. It’s just really easy to get a rise out of Fii, who, again, I have no real issues with. He’s just so easy to troll because he takes this game SO SERIOUSLY. Love it! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Take care, all you chaps in RL, and congrats on your victory!



ah adju my faith in you is restored…


My work here is done! :wink: :wink: :wink:

haha you were such fun b4 you went to north…i blamed them…im sorry


what?! that’s it?? i was hoping for more fireworks…  :mellow:

come on odin , say something about NA    :wub:

Didnt even give enough fck on this post.Try again next time, your bait got to Heldeep instead.Said he needs drama, should feed him more often.



Then why are you still posting?


*nudge nudge*


*rib rib*


*cheat cheat*

I 1000x agree with what Heldeep wrote. And Adju, you always make me smile. :slight_smile: