A Gold Alliance?

So apparently, gold actually increases each raid. So if you have a 50% gold boost, and you raid someone with 500k, you’ll get 750k. Likewise, if they farm you, they’ll get 1,125k. And you could theoretically trade back and forth. So I just have to ask, has anyone ever tried an alliance like this?

This practice is fairly common in the top 30 alliances. Also important to note that there is a limit on attacks. I think 5 is the limit. A person with a full treasure chamber of 12m can only be raided 5 times for 500k. After that, it will be game generated loot for a while until the timer resets. Not sure how long it takes for a full 500k to show up again. If you can catch the people who typically feed their alliance, put those suckers on your favorites list. Might catch em with their pants down :wink:

Mind the numbers! :wink:

Yea, but no matter who is raiding, I think the game only lets 5 attacks get the max loot before capping it off for a while.

Like we had one of our alliance members fill up their treasure chamber for us to try this on. The first guy got all 3 raids of 500k, the second got 2 of 500k and everyone else that looked only saw about 100k of game generated loot despite the feeder guy having a mostly full treasure chamber. We noticed that over the next hour, the game slowly let his loot back into the raid until about an hour later, one more person could raid for a full 500k, and it then reset again.

Also noticed that the 5 attack limit is only reached after a decently full treasure chamber. Like someone with 4mil in their chamber cannot be raided for a full 5 raids of 500k, might only get about 2 or 3 full raids in before the game uses generated loot.

Not entirely sure on the exact equation how the game calculates all these aspects tho.

Ah ok now I see what you meant. Yes, good to know this, thanks for your tests! :slight_smile:


I also (unwillingly, #unstableConnection) noticed that when I disconnected with like 2.5m unprotected, the first raider got 500k but all after him got only 10-50k from me despite there still being 2m in treasure chamber… 

Couldn’t you also trick attackers though? Like, fill up on Lv.1 Firebolts, then have 1 boosted Wolf + 1 boosted Ogre for waves, and have a badass-looking weak base.

Haha sure you could try :wink:

tricking attackers is a fairly common gem winning tactic. Making yourself look weak while having really high waves or towers will generate a lot of free gems. Here is an example of the straight base.


Aye. Someone tried pulling that trick on me, too. I went into a base that was all arrow towers and bombers, and only Ogres were in the waves. I went in, and there were 3 Ogres per wave. But my Swordrains killed them all >=)