A Guide on spend your Hard-earned Gold Wisely!

First and foremost, I would like to say this guide is purely based on my personal opinion, it might or might not be the most efficient/ideal way to spend your Gold. Final decisions will always be up to you. All I’m offering is my advice and how I do things in my Kingdom.




I spent many hours writing this guide, I hope you all enjoyed it!


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Thank You. :slight_smile:




My personal consideration:


I would put Barricade no as a 4th priority but before: you can have also low towers but if you have good barricade almost at max especially when they are boosted they lose at your king lot of time !

I would put taverns also as last priority (so maybe 4th): they make gold yes, but they aren’t like farms that are more important.

If a king reach a Castle Gate means that all the others things (towers, barricades ,etc ) were easy to destroy for him/her, so i would suggest to put it between second and third.

Then Granny is the last option, her offers sucks, and rarely she gives you good items, the “last stand” i would say.


Thx for you comment, I’ve revised some parts, added more and even corrected some other parts of my guide. Will you be so kind and check again to see if it covers your ‘considerations’? It is a long guide and I might have missed some parts, forgotten to state some elaborated explanations etc. Will make further amendments if more ‘considerations’ are found!  :lol:

I saw that you have implemented more the guide, nice job !

I don’t know probably it’s my playstyle, but i prefer build towers and barricades first and at the end the castle gate, probably because castle gate is only 1 building to build, instead towers and barricade are many, so it’s better if you build them first as you need more time to finish all of them.