A Holiday Odyssey

Hello Olympians,

From 25th December up until 29th December 2017 we will be celebrating the Holiday Odyssey.

This will be your chance to increase the likelyhood of getting the Enhancements you want in the Odyssey. Simply log in on the correct day and each Adventure you start will contain only Enhancements which fit to the day’s theme.

Here is the schedule:

25th December: Monster Monday 26th December: Troop Tuesday 27th December: Wizardry Wednesday 28th December: Tower Thursday 29th December: Fortification Friday

So if you’re looking to make some musclebound Medusas, log in on Monday for a good chance of getting Medusa Enhancements. If you’d rather have some really beastly Barricades, start your Adventures on Friday.

Start planning now, and have a great holiday season!

Thank you,

Your Olympus Rising Team