A little somethin'

Since I have a few things this time I’ll resort to the list format (haven’t done this in a while).

  1. king’s health is invisible in combat and nobody looks at the scream button for health so how about something more noticeable, like the entire screen changing/losing color when low on health, like in FPSes. That’d be hard to miss, unlike the current health bar.

  2. more of a food-for-though idea: why not go back to fantasy/rpg basics and have skeletons take damage from healing (like any proper undead would)? I know this would require justifying it only hurting enemy skeletons while healing friendly ones but it’s not like there’s any logic/realism in the game to begin with.

  3. disable monks hitting obstacles across lanes. They do no damage to them and are being busy doing useless things while they should be doing what they’re supposed to. And no, scream isn’t a solution, it doesn’t even work all that well.

  4. I’ll say it once more for good measure: move the insta troop button somewhere where it’s not in the way, like on the side above troop/spell buttons. Yes, I’m still complaining about it. And I’ll keep complaining until it goes away. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. seems fine the way it is to me.

please do not change screen color, too many other facets of game depend on graphics and colors. 

  1. cool idea.

but think if this is implemented, skeletons take damage from heal offense/defense but heal with poison. would add dynamics to rings used and spells making shield forges, heal rings, toxic cloud  and such have an instantly new implemented skill requirement. would give poison aura ring new use. and nerf heal ring. lets face it, phoebe is not as big of a crutch as heal aura is.

what about ghosts from black magic/pharoah mummy/ceres??? i believe heal should kill them dead. and destroy ‘top player monotony syndrome’ instantly.

  1. no. 

designing obstacles in cross paths to stop monks cold and other long range units is a good thing. even though my base is not strong enough to do this, i get the dynamic here.

would much rather see scream work on frosters. than i might lift my no froster rule and actually use them. 0 frosters used atm. 0.

  1. yes please.


number 2 is an excellent rough draft spitballed idea. and could have actually changed the game for the better if implemented properly.

boredom complaints would drown in pools of salty tears.