A lot of these are probably bad ideas, but...

So… what do you guys think?

  1. I don’t know how much useful could be a mortar that shots skulls, poison and fire bombs, you didn’t explain if it shots all three type of bombs concurrently or like the Doom Gate (so first poison then skulls and then fire bombs). Most probably it should be like Doom Gate since you called it doom mortar, right? However if it shots only 1 bomb per shots with the same normal speed it has, i don’t see the usefulness of keep it on defence or attack. The “real” usefulness of it, should to shots the three different bombs in 1 shots with a reload of 2-3 sec like it has now. To give you an idea of the speed should be like the speed of Arblaster.

  2. Gargoyles were born to fly you can’t program a gargoyle to walk like a human lol, i can accept that it can attacks after drop the bombs but only during flight so…also what type of damage it has after it drop down the bomb, it will receive normal damage (like werewolf) or it will continue with blunt damage (as it is) ?

  3. There are still Shields and Champions that now some alliances have to spend if they want to make extra skulls to earn extra magic chests or win the entirely war fiefdom. So i say no thanks i don’t want to pay even more for this “buffed member”. I think it’s good enough what we have now “shields and champions”.


You can’t do a pool opening a thread like this without explain better what are your idea. People have to understand what do you want to communicate. and i did the job for you saying what’s pros and cons lol

For elite gargoyles, I’d rather like to see them drop several bombs in a row than try to poke you with their bare little hands. Or just continue throwing another bomb every 5 seconds instead of committing suicide with the first bomb. 

And a minor health increase, or else they’ll be dead before they can even drop their first bomb :wink:


Anyway, generally I think without lowering costs for current elite boosts, I see no financial room for any additional new elite boosts anywhere soon, unless if flaregames releases a lvl 12 alliance tower with 1m daily donation, but that would probably cost 8k gems then… insane! :wink:


I agree with oPelle, for now there’s enough buyable extra stuff for alliance wars… some more breaks and back to 24h per war rythm would be more useful than yet-another special pay-role for war. 


For the mortar buff, yeah you’d definitely need to be a bit more concrete about how that would work before we can really comment on how we like it… 


Having that said, froster and (up to upper-medium/edge of high-lvl lvl gameplay) mortars are the only unboosted troops that are still used and useful… so if some units need an elite boost (remember, elite boosts are due to costs mostly for high lvl and medium lvl gameplay), then that’s probably rather be the pyromancer first, gargoyle of course, and some additional lvls (or other buffs) to the paladin boost, because all of those aren’t used in higher lvls at all since many months, while froster and (partially) mortar are still in use. 

Of course you might argue to also look at lower levels, but those struggle with affording barricade boost or knight boost, they usually can’t use most/all of the existing boosts, so they have no use of additional boosts. And they also might not have decent-lvl gargoyles and mortars yet, to use them with a potential new boost either. 

The mortars idea sounds strange, as already said, you need to develop that idea.

Gargoyles walking? I don’t think so. Also, as you say it won’t get more hp, then it will become a unit even worse than a knight when walking…

I don’t like the Alliance Warriors, sounds too overpowered for a war, shields and champions are enough.

See? They are all bad ideas!  :wink:


As for the doom mortar, I don’t know. I figured he would alternate between the three damage types, shooting 3 bombs of each type, with the same reload time, if not only slightly decreased.

To tell the truth, I can’t see why you would want poison, when you could have blunt as well as poison, and the poison damage would also be more per bomb then before.

I want poison because I usually have problems beating paladins, so I use mortars to take them down easily  :grinning:

Btw why at all try to copy the doom gate boost for mortar?

Except the problem that this wouldn’t really be that useful without increased rate of fire, it would also most probably reduce the average or total amount of poison that such a doom mortar deals, which isn’t good keeping in mind the mortar is the only long-ranged poison damage dealer (except the boosted arrow towers that nobody in higher levels seems to use at all for they’re not effective enough). All other poisonous things are basically melee (king’s sword secondary damage, mummy) or almost-melee range only (snake tower, toxic cloud spell). 

Also, it would be a big strange (imho) to have this funky disco mortar with “random” bursts of different damage types and effects that couldn’t really be timed on your raids to take advantage of each salve. Moreover, blunt damage is most useful against structures, and the mortar doesn’t even target structures at all, so I’m not sure how effective a blunt-mortar-attack would be on average… 



There’s so many other things you could do with the mortar!  

From launching several bombs at once, bigger impact radius, faster reload times, more damage, to more elaborate stuff like shrapnell or cluster bombs (basically bombs that explode into smaller bombs which explode again, or into several scraps that deal damage again), to long-range-mortars (compare long range bomber boost), to longer DOT effect duration.

Percent-of-health damage or critical hits would probably not fit too well into the rest of the game, but who knows? Some brightly-lit supercharging for an elite mortar shot might work. 

All that is possible without ever leaving the original mortar’s damage type domain (poison). 


Or if you really want a secondary type of damage, why not just a combined poison and fire bomb, or a proper explosive (blunt damage) bomb with toxic poison cloud around it? 


All of those options would not reduce the original mortar’s poison damage, so those using mortars for their poison will still be able to do so perfectly fine. 


And on defensive side, more health, additional/improved resistances, most obviously, but also crazy things like extra damage on low health, toxic explosion on death, or regeneration while not fighting would be possible. 



(Note: I’m not saying all of those mentioned options are easy to balance or are the most-realistic-fit for RR2, but I hope this shows what amount of uniqueness would be possible. No need to try to copy another boost.)

You love pay to win, right? 


I think it will be good if we have daily dungeon that gives gems. 

No, I don’t

The reason the gargoyles can’t have any more health is that you need to be able to one-shot them with swordrain, or they are too over-powered. So, unless, after the bomb is dropped they _gain _health, my idea won’t work. Maybe you could just give him a giant grape-cluster of skull bombs  :wink:


You are suggesting more pay to win features. You say you don’t, but your action shows the reverse. 

I don’t like it p2w, but you see Flaregames does  :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, I am afraid Flaregames needs it - look at all the thousands of inactive people in the smaller alliances. It scares me. Idk if you have noticed, but the middle ranking population of Royal Revolt has died out - not enough noobs continue the game long enough to become midrankers (lv 65 - 85), and the previous midrankers have either become high rankers or have quit. Speaking as a midranker myself, I have seen a deficiency of people in the random attack that are possibly beatable, with sonic blast lv 4, etc. At these midranks, it is increasingly hard to grow to high ranks now, as you can only beat 1/15 people in the random attack list. True, I am not an excellent raider

It won’t help; it will just increase Flare’s revenue

So you either work at Flare or like pay to win. 

Neither. I just am a fan of Royal Revolt and would hate to see Flaregames go bankrupt :grinning: