A lot of Trophy lost when attacked


It is normal to loose so much trophies when under attack? These guys attacked but didnt even take an island :thinking:
Do you have any ideea about this?

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…and here we go again. Is this some kind of exploit?

Hahaa it is not some kind of exploit. Just like other players appear on your map, you too will appear on other players map. They attack you and you lose trophies and the trophies u lose for a particular attacker depends on (your lvl, your trophy count and the potency of the attacker). It is all just normal. You will get used to the game and will know as you progress in the game. Join a good alliance where some experienced players can help you with your game. Happy playing!


EDIT: Anyone can correct me if i am wrong regarding how many trophies we lose for a particular attacker :smile:


Actually little correction here. How many trophies a player lose solely depends upon the difference between the trophies of attacker and defender. It has nothing to do with Ascension level,fame point or blessings.

If defender has more trophies than attacker than attacker will receive trophies between 3-15 for a successful raid.
On the other hand if attacker has more trophies or same trophies as the defender then attacker will receive trophies between 0-3 for a successful attack.


Thanks for the correction :grinning:

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Thank you very much. It makes sense now :slightly_smiling_face:

No problem :slight_smile: happy to help.

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No problem. Your explanation was also correct. I just added little info to it.