A Love Letter

Finally, I don’t feel like I’m playing Orthia Rising.


I was really about to give up on this game until the most recent update. I really thought this game would end up like a IAP hellstew like Royal Revolt 2. 

Now, the game is fair enough that I am almost ready to recommend it to all of my friends: the most recent update almost feels like a love letter to many Olympus Rising fans. 

1.) The modified trophy system is perhaps my favorite change. The old one literally punished a player for actually playing the game. Literally. I never understood why raid would play victory music, but I’d still lose dozens of trophies. 


2.) Ambrosia costs are still infuriating. Sometimes the geometry used to calculate costs appears borked. 



a.) Either reduce ambrosia costs to empty islands to zero (please this!!), or

b.) Reduce ambrosia costs to Olympus to zero (if you absolutely must greed-finger ambrosia money from people), or

c.) Reduce ambrosia costs to gem protected islands to zero. (Worst choice, guys. Do not impress us with unmitigated gem avarice, devs.)

bonus.) Reduce ambrosia costs for subsequent attacks of the same island (as if encamping near an occupied wall).


I really like Hephaestus gem reductions, but I really think it should just be a flat 3 gems per chest. 

I think it should be a flat 4 gems per island protection.

Oh, please make this weekend’s dominance boost permanent. This is a really good place. Also, consider adding a little dominance to the cheaper gem packages, and maybe a little more to the more expensive ones.

Thank you for finally reducing troop upgrade time. Geez it was absurd before. Also, could you guys make it so that multiple troops can be simultaneously upgraded when reaching  certain War Academy levels?

All in all, this game is really enjoyable now. I don’t feel like trash for attempting a difficult base. And bases on the whole are becoming more clever and well-thought. It’s not just a corner of orthia towers and some ice warriors (oh, please reduce the amount of time the ice warriors freeze effect lasts, at the very least end it immediately when that warrior is defeated.)


Thanks all.

Happy Olympusing (I know I finally am).



How many gems did you get to say this haha! The trophy system has gone from one extreme to the other… I have not gained a single trophy from my defense being successful since the update. My guild always have the buffs up so I am fortunate in that regard but whats the point if i always lose trophies in my defense haha! 

It has gone from one extreme it to the other :slight_smile:


Seriously spend a good amount of time grinding trophies yesterday and have well over 3000 which i was dead chuffed about. I knew this would happen though, popped myself off to Bed and woke up with the below: MINUS 250!!! All the work i did yesterday, all the grinding, all the spent gems (yes i spend some money on gems) wasted overnight, completely wasted, Minus 250 trophies… I’ll probably log back on to see I’ve lost another 44 or something. There are so many people losing high amounts of trophies its really off putting… -250… I mean come on! That’s on average now 25 battles a day to get back to where I was yesterday, not counting all the trophies I’ll lose in a day, honestly put it back to the way it was when your defense actually meant something… 

The new trophy system is disaster. 

I see you got 61 gems defending… So you had at least 61 players attacking you. Insane. 

The trophie system is not the problem…

The problem is that there arent many high ascension players, so you guys keep attacking eachother over and over again. 

I thought you got a gem for each time a person used an invocation or revived on your defense? Like if a person used 2 invocations and revived once on your defense you would get 3 gems 

Yep… Forgot about invocations… But still, at 3 gems average per attack its still a lot a attacks suffered

Part of the problem with the trophy update is that you can still get a significant number just from reaching the gate. I think the first time, getting a lot of trophies for reaching the gate and a nice consolation prize. However, when people start abusing this to keep gate farming the same person, the trophy counts can skew. I think FG should nerf trophy reward from reaching the gate multiple times on the same person down to 1 or 0. (and add dominance as a reward, too hard to get the fun Heroes unlocked :/)


But no one paid me lol, I just, as a offense primary unaffiliated (no alliance) person, hate orthia towers with a passion. And it’s extremely annoying that buffed warriors’ freeze status lingers for seconds (why do they have freeze anyway??) Actually, I would like for equipment that has a freeze defense rating to also provide some mitigation for orthia/warrior slow down.


tl;dr the trophy system is not bad, the people exploiting it by gate quitting (etc) are.