A message for members and Generals alike

I am making this thread to deliver a simple message.


“There is always a better Alliance.”



When you apply to a new alliance they can now see how much you donate.

So basically if you’re not happy with your alliance I garuntee you can find a better one. That is if you haven’t recieved an invitation from a better one already.



Leaders think you need there alliance. But they need you.


If someone makes you a general but is a shitty Leader you may want to swap out your yellow name tag for a better alliance. There’s hundreds of alliances to choose from.



When you join an alliance you need to tell them how you want things to go. If they don’t like it just apply to literally the next highest alliance and they will probably accept you depending on your  standing.

All or half of an alliances total members can leave in a 24-hour period. Happens everyday, don’t feel bad.


If you donate 50k-75k you can make it into the top 200 alliances…


If you donate 100k you pretty much have your pick of the litter…




If someone makes you a general and doesn’t treat you as a Co-Leader then blow that pop stand.

That is exactly what the general position is for.



Look I’m not saying be a douchebag and make demands.


I’m saying if your alliance Leader expects you to donate everyday, make them repay every piece of gold in another way. And let them know how you want them to repay that gold.



Also I happen to be an alliance Leader myself.




    ~Yours truly


I really like what you said. If I had a chance, I would join ur alliance.Unfortunately, I joined another alliance and became a general,that means I was responsible

for my alliance. But we can be friends,can’t we? . Good luck to you and all member of ur alliance anyway.



If there’s anything we like in my alliance it’s friends!