A More Detailed Announcement

Every time after the war, I find myself stalking the forums for announcements for the next global boost event to find out what would the next event be. 

Now that they have made it a point to make the announcements earlier. I still find myself stalking the forums because, the time it will be activated has not been stated. 

I’m from Malaysia at it is currently already 4.30pm on the 5th of July. The event was announced to begin on the 5th of July but it has not started for us because, everyone in different parts of the world do not share the same time zone. 

Flaregames, can you please just add one minute detail into your future announcements that is the official time the event kicks off including the time zone as in GMT or EST or PT so that the rest of us know when exactly the event will start. 



Events always start around 9 am (German time), but the devs always activate them at a different hour, so they can’t specify more about when it will begin.