A New Alliance! A New Start! join THE ARK

Hello i am MasterchiefTheRock!

We are a fresh Alliance and we need all kind of Players! We are very rich! Come and have fun with us!

Best of luck for your alliance. :slight_smile:

Good luck to you and your team my friend!

Good luck MasterC!

Hi all,


Less than 1 week and already almost filled by dedicated players and #40 on the leaderboard.


[_The Ark_] is a multi-National alliance. The new sun, rising at the horizon. We believe we can make this game a better place.


All the honest players, who understand this game is made to have fun and who had enough of dirty politics are invited to join us. We play fair and we care for our members.

Our requirements: Minimum 250K donation, Honesty and Loyalty.


We have 77 places for the best players. 31 free at the moment.


Seeya with us,



Hi all,


[_The Ark_] is full at the moment, but always are looking for honest and loyal high-class people.

We’re growing all the time and adding slots, so you can still apply. Please just leave your king’s name here and as soon as we get a free place we’ll invite you in.


We also have many free places in our camp sister-alliance Marsupia. If you need a secure place for the meanwhile, we can invite you to stay there until we have some more free slots.


And!!! An important message to all the: mercenaries, opportunists, scammers seekers and other psychologically unstable souls, even if you are in the first #20 on the leaderboard - Please pass by this recruitment forum. Surely you can find a place in other alliances. We wish you luck and success.