A new breathe to our game. Age of Titans???

I imagine alliances attacking an ai titan with huge hp once per week (2 day duration)  Like odysea logic. Hardness selected before. Every member has 3 attack chance. Destroying the titan giving chests to all members according the hardness. A team work without pressure… And could give a chance to use more jason/achilles (support heroes because of their  first spells) and some troops (healing sirens) and some spells like healing or stunning siren spell…Titan can be more than one.  Every Titan could have resistances as well as weakness… Titan rotates every week… 

Or… Why not?

We can build our alliance titan (lvl ing up with points earned, equiped with players best or donated items) 

And. Why not? 

A war between our titan vs ai titan??  

And maybe… l

Aliance titan can  be recruited once per war session, giving huge harm to opponent’s island…with a warning: enemy titan aproaching…  Be ready… Keep ahead more… 

@CaptainMorgan liked the idea? 

This idea is insanely exciting if implemented. HOWEVER, to beat the titan, it would be better if we could freely control our hero, i.e. he does not only walk a designated path and we can go left and right and dodge and roll and go to his back side and all that stuff because if the hero and the units attack the titan head on, I doubt we’ll win. He IS a titan. :wink:

I really like the idea of a team-based PvE mission. Cool suggestion @Hellslord

You means like Magic Rush. In your Alliance you have boss with Millions HP and each time you and your teamate attack the boss the HP drop and you have 1 minute. 100%, 95%, later many attacks 85% and so on… at the end you receive a rewards if you have participated to the attack.

Here can be each members attack the same Titan and must drop the most HP in 1 minute each day. At the end if you and your team succeed to drop it at 0% you win a reward. Maybe a Titan Chest or something else

Make this happen for OR. Devs please.

I cannot for now because I am on throttle mode but Sunday I will try to record a video of Magic rush if I can and I will try to show you how that work to give a better idea. If video don’t work I will post screenshot of it

A good idea hellslord but Team based missions in OR where almost everyplayer is complaining about disconenction durng allaince wars or raids when some other players attack you.So what if a single member of a team is attacked during such mision what would happen.My guess? all of your team will be disconnected from the game and your team will lose the mission???.

??? Honesty i encounter disconnecting problem 2-3 times over 1 year playing.Am i lucky? Or do i have a good internet connection? (a note: if 2 player connect with same account, or connecting same account with 2 devices, disconnecting happens) 

No need a path maybe nor troops. Just our hero vs the titan. But titan must be affected with petrifies/stuns/slow downs/frostbites… Not like statue… Very exciting to think about how to equip our hero with correct items and spells. Frostbite/damage reflection/loh/oceaneos/asclepius/bia/siren would be valuable. As well as athena/achilleus/jason/perseus seems better???

Maybe we do not need heroes… Alliance can use super gods, zeus or hades against the titan.  Constructed and equiped with donated items by alliance members???

Very interesting idea indeed my man. 

@Hellslord so will it be like each alliance member chooses only one hero vs the titan and everyone takes turns attacking?