A new Hero Gear/Item should be introduced

Hi Guyz,

I am not aware whether someone has already posted a post like this earlier or not but this came to mind so I  am putting it here.

During raids I have so many times noticed that it is impossible for a player to see the waves of the opponents coming and there are chances that you are killing opponents troops easily but suddenly one wave or beast of the opponent came and kills you just like that.

So what I want to suggest here is that Flare should introduce a new item through which the attacker can see that what troops/building/ beast of the opponent coming towards him/her and can change his/her strategy accordingly and I think it will make the game for fun and interesting. The item could be pro or uber but should be there. 

Guyz your comments and suggestions are needed on this topic…

We already can see opponent base layout; their tower placement; kind of towers, traps, and troops; the availability of beast and ninjas before attack them. So I don’t think it’s necessary.

Can you see where is firebolt tower situated from the base layout or any other tower also which beast the opponent is using?


I think it is a nice suggestion. I would very often like to know more details about the opponents base.
More about the towers than about the waves though.

But I think this would require too many changes to game mechanics, so it is probably not very realistic we will see something like this.
Also players with good memory would have some tactical advantages. Not sure if Flare would grant that to us.

They did the huge changes at the time when they introduced the new troops and towers so they can add something new as well, moreover, it is their duty to do everything which makes the game easier for the players…

that seems crazy. if you dont know what kind of units comes on the game is more interesting. this what you writed is too overpowered i think

No, but that’s make the game more interesting.

It’s a good thing to know what things are around, but it’s not something that i’d assign to an item…more like to the UI of the game

Agree with you but now the question is can Flare do these changes…

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