A new league for alliance

For individual players, we have the Diamond/ Platinum/ Gold/ Silver/ Bronze league.


It would be nice to have leagues for alliance to, taking into account all the scores for the entire alliance, using skulls as a measurement. Just like individual leagues, there will be various tiers for alliance leagues too. Those who win the league moves up and those who loses move down.


This will help with 3 things:-


  1. Players who have everything max has something to do outside of war/ conquest

  2. It gives skull gear another function apart from only being useful during conquest/ war


AND most importantly


  1. it helps to get players who are less active to be active again



The league can take place for an entire week. The rewards of course should commensurate with the respective tiers.


p.s. before anyone comes in to complain “ohhh the top players have the highest skull bonus”. Ask yourself… by how much? If someone as high as 34% is not doing much raids outside of war, someone with 25% can contribute to the league WAY better since one can do almost unlimited amount of raids outside of war (well… only limited by bread).

no. sounds like a weird version of conquest with altered leader boards.

may i suggest starting over if you are bored and need challenge. i did. a few times. wrapping up my 12th week now and does not seem boring for me.

ninja/ war back as before would be better for the majority.

Interesting idea. Not really my thing, as I like not having to raid too much during the week, but the idea itself sounds like it could work.

hmm. not a bad idea. As fore now this game is missing something. But maybe it could be not a competition between aliances but something like in ninja. Tiers could be get by total trophys count. This could prevent of getting rid of trophys. And it should be al long as league (long lasting events are not a good idea). But in genelaly LacunaC it is a very good idea