The alliances have nothing to do other than competing in wars and fighting in ninja events in RR2. In this topic I wants to share an idea that can increase the teamwork, co-ordination between the members. 

        In this system the boosts (both elite, pro and war) are removed temporarily from boost menu. But don’t be afraid they’re not removed from the game. When you start a new alliance you’ll only have a single boost, Holy Paladin. (you can change this) And you can also find 5 more boosts locked. They can be aquired by leveling up. You can get more boost cards through various means. You can get cards by competing in special leagues like festivals, alliance leagues, events, war, pro leagues, alliance shop and pro alliance shops. To get cards you have to work with your teammates. You’ll see the boost in the boost menu when you collect that card. For example if you collect a Tribal Archer card then you can see that boost in the boost menu. (war boost menu) Only then you can activate it. Getting a card is really hard. The boost cards  have 5 ranks. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Bronze is the easiest card to aquire and don;t cost too much to activate. Platinum rarity is very hard to get. All pro boosts are Diamond rarity. And can be only obtained in pro leagues. Diamond rarity boosts are almost impossible to get. There is one more thing. The boost have level. Every boost have 3 level. You have to collect a boost twice to upgrade it to level 2. Thrice to level 3. This system will only work if there is lots of boosts. So I prefer adding 2 Elite boost, 2 War boost, and a pro boost for each and every troops, towers and obstacles. And of course more battling modes like festivals, alliance leagues, events etc. The war boosts before the war activates freely. You don’t need to collect them. But to prolong them you’ll need to have that card. And if you want to win a war boost, you have to do two things. 1-Rank 1-3. 2-Collect the war season boost. 

         I hope you like my idea. Thank you