A New Way To earn gems... (Idea)

I have an I dea to earn gems. A tower where you have to survive waves of enemies. the 1st round you survive you will earn 1 gem and the waves will get a bit harder. the 2nd wave you survive you win 2 gems and it gets harder. and so on and so on. But it cost 100 bread

Its not a good idea well i am prefering that there should be another league that gave us pearls :grinning:

This is a good idea but you must put an extra like this:1.Have a cooldown time.2.Cost extra bread.(200 bread.Cause 100 is way too cheap)The cons:If you are a game developer,and you have staff to pay,will you do this?

or the pearls

Not sure… sounds tempting but imagine someone watch free food videos nonstop to play against those waves.

I’d rather like to see a kind of battle/minigame feature to reward you with bread.

Just join league and break record to get gems ^^

Not everyone have 50% medals boost  :slightly_frowning_face: