A pact at war??

What if we make an agreement for diplomacy at wars? That agreement to dont attack each other. Well, basically, if u want to make this agreement to an ally, just set the same crest/shield with a white color. If the other ally also respond with a white color, u are united in that war and cant attack each other. Just an idea for fun and for u guys tell ur opinions.

Would look more like a surrender flag being all white though. Would be fun unless 3 people do it and then gang up, that turns fun to kinda bullying, in a way (",)

The act you speak of has been around since the start and its use is widespread. The advantages of these so called “super Alliances” are many and have been hotly debated.


What.s done mostly is a pact between 2 close sized Clans. They will agree to place there most active members into a new Alliance. Thus, creating an “A-Team” now made far more ready for war. The ballance is left in a beta squad of a more relaxed enviornment where they can focus on making there personal defences stronger by munching up the huge gold pool available during war time. Players can then flow up and down within these super teams based on there needs and ability to be active that war season. Also creating a standing army of back up players on tap when needed.


My boss has chitpiles of alliances under his command.


Find an Alliance close to you on the leaderboard and look up there recrutment post here or try rubbing some elbows on FB. Ull be suprised how quick u grow :0


ive seen over ten Alliances bunch up


More to your point yes Alliances can and do sometimes agree to cease fires for one reason or another. this is done by getting to know other leaders of your size

Or use FB and communicate with the leaders directly.

Sounds difficult make an agreement like this since the introduction of magic chests, people like make skull to get them.  :wink:

Well, it’s just another way to warm the people: if this happen at war, it means a pact is under a request. :wink:

I think the ideal is honourable ! but it does go against … the art of war. 

Well it is imo only possible for alliances to do this kind of agreement during shitty war boost season like last season, prize were arbs gate and pyro.Nobody care for 1st place cuz we got arbs for 3rd I think.

Doom gate and pyro just not good enough to appeal.

This season though everyone fight for at least 2nd place for gargs nest, 1st place got a bonus froster boost.

Pacts are established all over the board since very long time ago. Started by the top alliances.

Some of the pacts are established even during the season.

We were fighting against a pact of 3 this season. Very dirty season it was. If flares would not introduce the bad joke of 150% food per raid, we could beat this pack. But it did not happen. We have survived with our 3 fiefs, but didn’t get #1 to #3.

You win some you lose some. Not a big deal.

But there’s a good side here too. Their leaders are added now to our favorites lists. Some have very good loot and medals… :slight_smile: