A pro raiding tip for high levels:

If you ever come across a wave with both an Ogre and a Werewolf, you can actually use the ogre against the werewolf. You see, with wind boots, your king can run faster than a Werewolf. Ogres, also, are very slow to attack, and cannot hit you while you’re running around them. Ergo, by playing ring-around-the-rosy with an Ogre, you can actually make a Werewolf chase you in circles while you’re regenerating and killing the Ogre. That way you only have to fight one monster at a time!

this is good tactics if there are no boosts:


but if the raging wolf(boosted) will battlecry - ogre(boosted) will be too fast to hit you. also werewolf is able to pay his attention to other units around with the same (battlecry ability). I have 24% speed boots but I will no risk with ogres with battlecry )

Yea. Everything thus change if boosted. But sounds like a great tactic.


I have a question though. Does monsters and units deals damage to everything they hit? I mean, if you’re rounding the Ogre while the Werewolf chase you, and the Ogre accidentally smashed the wolf instead of you, is there damage dealt to the wolf?


I assume defending units only deal damage to attacking units. And attacking units only deal damage to defending units.

>>>A pro raiding tip for high levels :


at the high levels all this units are boosted :grinning:

I think blizzard them and then swordrain on them is better , both die immediately lol

It still works with Battlecried Stunning Ogre (:

I read this a few times.

please can you tell me when a high level begin in your opinion?

Basically you already answered your question correctly :grinning:

Whenever you start seeing waves of Werewolf + Ogre

And it was mostly a tip for the very beginning waves. Like, “Here’s how to stall these waves while your morale builds up” sort of thing.