A Public Apology to GalaMorgane and KKStar

After a public complaint, which, apparently, shouldn’t have been a public complaint, I see it only fit to make a public apology to, not only GalaMorgane, but to KKStar, for the misunderstanding in the trivia event.

I’m sorry for acting out of control when you shut down my thread, Gala, I should’ve just been understanding and known that you did it for good reason. You were right, I should’ve opened a new thread discussing the chat for generals and not gone out of my way to make a brand new argument.

Now, my apology to KKStar. Lol, sorry for just ripping to shreds your first trivia in 4 or 5 months. I was really excited to see the new trivia, but so upset when I saw that I couldn’t answer many of the questions. Well, now I know that I can google to research the answers, after many told me about that :lol:. I shouldn’t have opened a stupid thread talking about the disadvantages in the trivia event. I was being a sore loser and was driven by frustration when I made that topic.

I hope you accept my apologies, and I will try not to ever make stupid topics again complaining about something that I don’t 100% agree with lol

Since we got the public apology topic for the public complaint topic, I’m wondering if we’ll also get a public apology topic from @GiacobbeYan for the public complaint about the previous public complaint.

No. Because I’m not a snowflake who cannot bother to click into one more forum post.

While I’m on this, just so you know, don’t @me to tell me to make an apology when all I did was explaining AK & GalaM’s perspectives and promoting a more chilled attitude in forum while having a laugh about the reactions some ppl had in that post, and you call that a public complaint on another public complaint? :lol: :rolleyes:

If you didn’t read my previous reply to you, here it is:

”Similar topics with different purposes, doesn’t that sound like… a forum? :slight_smile:

what IS a mess, is constantly seeing people getting pissed off in a game forum lmao

thats why I wish ppl are more chilled out”

I’m glad you don’t see yourself as a snowflake.


Regarding that topic, I just don’t see any reason for it to have a dedicated topic. You could have just make a post on the other topic. Which, btw, is exactly what I think about this apology topic, it could have been done in the other topic as well. There’s absolutely no need for multiple topics regarding the same issue.

No need for veering off topic here. Go at each other in PM please

“Absolutely no need” is your opinion, and you were telling me to “make a public apology” based on the reason “absolutely no need” to write a post explaining the perspectives (as I can see I was the one explaining the two sides’ perspectives and called for an easier forum atmosphere, which is, a very different topic to “a complaint post”.

you are glad I don’t see myself as a snowflake? You think you made some good sarcasm?

you know what is snowflake? This is :slight_smile: :

Mate did I trigger you much? To tell me to apologise?  :lol: :rolleyes:


I wasn’t telling you to do anything. I was just wondering if you’d do it.

Not at all. I was really glad you don’t see yourself as a snowflake. I’m still glad.



I don’t think either of you are snowflakes.  Snowflakes (in this connotation) need a “safe place” where they can shelter from those more powerful or with greater privilege. 


AwesomestKnightest, On behalf of the public, I accept your apology.   

Any further apologies should be delivered via PM, please. 

I wasn’t apologizing to you guys! lol I was apologizing to KKStar and Gala

Read my post. I said that since I made a public complaint, it’s only fitting to give a public apology

Oh, so you weren’t apologizing to all the other people that may have been offended by your actions? 

My mistake.  Acceptance revoked.  

Snowflakes :wink:  

I will try not to ever make ■■■■■■ topics

Kettle or Black?  :slight_smile:

Damn, I’m away from forum for a few weeks and it’s Snowflake City now… Drama and offense abound, appologies and “upyours!”-es. :huh:

Or maybe I forgot it’s always been like this… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for my ignorance about this. I have never heard this term before Snowflake. I try to search on google what that means. I find flake of snow and about a plant. I see on google I read about a new insult who have been create in 2016 after election.

I read I don’t know if its correct its someone who is sensitive to insult or offense especially the young person. Its the right definition of ‘‘Snowflake’’? anyway sorry for this off topic. Give me answer via PM please if someone can explain to me. Thanks

Edit : According to this : https://www.bustle.com/p/how-to-respond-when-someone-calls-you-a-snowflake-51617

and others website I have read. apparently no one know the real meaning of snowflake. A term who have so many definition. So I don’t see the point to use it if he have no real meaning 

toughen up snowflake.

Usually wrong, and wrong in this instance, you should have made the apology in private, and certainly no need for a new topic for it.