A question about being offline.

Hi RR2 players. I need your knowledge and wisdom once more.

The question is that how long does it takes for the game to flag us offline and be “attackable” once we shut it down.

I’m asking this because I want to know whether I could be attacked in those 2 seconds when the game crashes(sadly it happens a lot)and I rerun it.

Thank you for your answers in advance.



After 2 minutes you are offline.

Have good time.

What 2 minutes?When I’m in the game constantly, trying to collect gold…

Because of glitches of game on the WP, I am constantly throws out of the game. During those 10 seconds, until I reboot the game - someone manages to attack me (you know, -500.000). 

The next throwing from the game - the game proudly report it to me :slightly_frowning_face:

Yea it is about 2 minutes. 

Thanks for the answers.

Another example, has just beenOne opponent shows 200,000, then 250,000. etc.I continue to push, go back to list, try to attack, trying to catch himimmediately shows 85.000, I press the attack, and it works!So he is something began to build, came out of the game, and I immediately attacked him!

20 seconds before he was 250 thousand. Someone still believes in 2 minutes?

The proof is simple…go in your alliance chat and say to a member to go out of alliance (for example for gold sharing). He/she write “ok, i log off”…try to attack him/her…in this way you know the exactly moment the player log off…try to do and take the time you will be able to raid your alliance (ex) member base… :slight_smile:

What, wait… You can raid your own team and get gold? While on line we have attack each other to test each other’s bases. But are you saying that we can attack our own team members and get some of thier gold? Is that what you mean by gold sharing???

Nope, maybe i expressed myself in a wrong way or maybe you didn’t understand what I meant…


I say that you CANNOT get gold from any of your alliance member. But if a member leaves the alliance, so you could get his/her gold…but he/she IS NO MORE a member of alliance…