A question about how a perk works.

I still don’t know how the shield perk works(I m talking about the primary perk). I got legendary boots with around 600-700 shield(that says it prevents from normal damage). And it has the same value on body armour as well, while if there is fire or poison shield it has a value around 3000 in legendary items. Why such disparity nd exactly how it works? Is it better to hv than other defensive primary perks?

They works like the third perk (uber perk) you get from Blackmisth, so big numbers for (very) few realistic improvements.

The fact that one is less than other this doesn’t mean that it gives you less resistance against that determinate element. This because each perk has its own property. (Thing that i wrote also in another topic http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/8003-uber-perks-weaker-on-some-items/)..)


About the Shield Perk (your primary shield) that instead is the second perk since the primary are either leadership or health or nothing ( for ring, belt; shoes) depend what item you wear, it reduces damage from enemies with Normal Damage (example from Knight or Werewolf)

But the numbers r misleading. What do u prefer?

Yes, those numbers are pretty much misleading, that’s why most people don’t like them. It’s surely better have some real statatistic so everybody can understand their increments on items.