A question about Mummies:

Since Surprise Mummies’ best aspect is their ability to spawn knights anywhere, is it best to keep them low-level? For example, a group of Lv.1 Mummies may turn into Knights immediately, but a group of Lv.4 mummies, maybe only 1/3 of them will be knighted.

Now, obviously you have to get Lvs.1-3 to unlock all other monster upgrades. But should I keep my Mummy at Lv.3, or go for Lv.4?

Ah ok now i understand, because you say this about its health, interesting question ! But i suggest you to go for mummy 4. I do a silly example:

if i had a mummy lvl 1 with 5000 health it’s a waste of morale points it would die immediately with few attacks and then the enemy player would have more time to restore its health maybe, spawn more troops and so on; instead with a better mummy (so with a better health) it’ll resist more and give time to next waves to come  :slight_smile:

Doing the thing you said, you give only more time to the opponent ^^

For defense, definitely the stronger the mummy, the better it is. The player or his troops has/have to and will kill each mummy, obviously, at some point of time. Thus, a stronger mummy costs them more time and effort, does more damage and due to this is more useful. An attacking player can’t afford letting a defending mummy get past his king and main army, or his tent might get killed. :grinning:


For attack, weaker mummies might make a little bit more sense at least in theory. In practice, however, mummies get killed relatively quickly by high level defenses, unless you either use shield all the time on your mummies, or during some amount of time there’s just no hostile troops nearby. For the first reason, the solution is simply to time your shields well and maybe retreat a bit with hero if necessary to leave some mummies unshielded. For the second reason, well… if there’s no incoming damage for 10 seconds, your mummies won’t die no matter what their level is. :grinning:

Also, max lvl mummies are not great but still better than the king against e.g. boosted barricades, so they even help you before they die. And of course, you can still use them as meat shields, thus more health = more time to recover for your king.