A question about trophies...

Is there a reason why I at level 54 (and since maybe level 46) get around 1-3 trophies raiding those my level or a little lower, with most the time it being 1 trophy especially those under level 50, that’s only 5-7 levels. But when people 20+ levels above me raids they get no less than 7 trophies when they can just walk through due to upgrades, their health, leadership and gear boosts. Even if I fought the 1st ranked player in the world (when i last checked it was “IRAN POWER”) I would only get max 8 trophies. This baffles me. Can anyone clarify if maybe its a flaw, a bug or just one of those things?

Just one of those things don’t quote me on this but at that level I think your offensive abilities (as in who you can beat) determines how many trophieis you earn from a player and the amount of in game gold you have spent upgrading your defenses that determine how much an opposing player raidning you will recieve upon victory


If they haven’t changed it…I remember way back when I as LVL 57 I made the mistake of spending to much on my castle gate and not enough on my blockades and towers and it opened me up to be attacked by way larger opponents


Also I bought a lot of bread and leveled up quicker than I could upgrade Troops,Spells Gear etc. Which will also put you on the radar of higher lvl players while also causing you to yield little to no trophies from opponents because now I’m level 57 but none of my spells gear or troops are where they should be estimated to be at that level


Also if you level too slowly and you upgrade a lot it may cause wackiness with your trophy yeild and opponent pool too


But like I said don’t quote me on any of this its all speculation from back when the same thing was happening to me


I had to round myself out to get the good trophy amounts.That means don’t level too fast by buying a lot of bread all at once but not so slow your almost at the max of your offensive upgrades by lvl 70


Same on defense… Don’t Beef up your Gate to the max and forget about leveling your towers troops etc. Try to keep them(upgrades) with in a nice range of each other All that combined with what your General Lvl is what I think determines trophy loss and gain

Apparently you get more trophies using Matchmaker vs. searching for players.

I had the same questionlast week. Matchmaker seems to give more trophies but, speaking for myself, I often don’t win against a player given by Matchmaker. So fighting a player with a small chance of winning 10, 15, 20 trophies (via Matchmaker) or a smaller one with a high chance of winning 5 to 10 trophies (via searching). As Den216 suggested, I’m not trying to level up too fast. I try to keep everything in sync. 

I did try the matchmaker vs searching hypothesis but they were the same amount of gold and trophies. Matchmaker only goes by someone around the same trophy count as you and as so many players purposely drop trophies I only ever get level 60+ in the matchmaker most of the time with activated boosts on their part. I like a challenge not an impossibility. Troops for me cost too much to upgrade each one, I can never get enough gold in the limited raids, but that’s another thread

Im at lv 60, i dont know how but i allway get 15+ trophies for a 100% and even if i only do 30~50% i still get 1~5 trophies so now the enemy the macthmaker give me is too strong i have to find weaker enemy but the resukt is still the same . Plus if i win on defend i get 50+ if the attacker do less than 40% , 15+ for 50% and even if they could do 98% i still get +1 2 or 3 . What the hell is this ???