A quick question for non-Leaders.

It seems like everyone in this forum is either a Leader or a General. Everyone’s trying to recruit, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone /to/ recruit. So, just in case you non-leaders are just lurking, how many of you actually are there? And also, what are your strengths/weaknesses? Let’s have you advertise yourselves for once.

I’m pretty sure they’re lurking around somewhere though

I don’t think you understand the point of this thread.

I am the leader of United We Stand just to warn.  My idea is that there are non-leaders, etc. on here but it’s the fact most that are looking for Alliances are generally taken within seconds and there can’t be that many non-Alliance players out there with there being over 70,000 Alliances in the game so.  You have to be quick to find an Alliance and on the flip-side you have to be quick to find a loyal member to stay.