A quick question...

Doom Gates only unleash their payloads when they get below 75%, 50%, and 25% HP. But Arblasters can heal them… So if an Arblaster heals them back above one of those thresholds, does the Doom Gate unleash its payload twice? And what if it’s healing as fast as you’re dealing damage to it, right at those thesholds?

I don’t think, i never saw this thing during my raids also because when Frenzy Frost Blaster heal the Gate, in that time you are trying also to kill them so there is sort of damage and heal in the same time that remains “unchanged” the health 

So for me they throw only 1 time each type and stop, then also to do that thing you should do it in your “test my defence”: destroy a bit the doom gate until the 75% to do a fast thing, then wait for elite arblasters and kill them sworded and if doom gate health grow up of little more try to destroy it again and you’ll see the result.

I have no Doomgate v.v Some in my alliance kinda crapped out on the last day :\ 2nd place

I tested the crap out of this and the answer is no.