A Raider's End - My Farewell to the RR2 family

Hello friends,

It’s been already 2 years since I did my first steps on the Kingdom. Seems like yesterday: As a newbie, after few successful raids I got some confidence and said to give a try against the undisputed champion of the leaderboard, MasterE. …….as you guess it didn’t go as planned!  But as real Arnold’s fan, I too said:    “ I’ll be back”!

Two long years have passed since then. Joys and disappointments, achievements and failures, delight and frustration.  and now, I am finally saying goodbye, to all of you who become my family in this virtual world.

I was hoping that day to come much later, but sadly the truth is, that ….I can’t keep it up anymore.

As a rather engaged player with a limited budget, I tried to compensate my lack of money spending with time, effort and strategy. I have to admit that in the beginning this was working pretty well, but sadly for the last year, with each major update, keeping up was becoming harder and harder… Worst part was that I wasn’t failing just me, I was failing my team and friends who all counted on me.

I was failing them not because I was any less of the raider I used to be, but because the developer was increasing the power balance gap between free and paying players, more and more and more. Despite my outcries, I couldn’t do anything about it, but instead be patient for the sake of my team, hoping things will change for the best.

After the last update though, I realized that this struggle will get only worse. My base will NEVER be as strong as the high spenders, My raids will NEVER be as easy, My War performance will NEVER be even nearly as good. It only gets worse as Flare demands more and more. Time, skill or strategy don’t really matter anymore, and win is just something that can be handed to the highest bidder. I simply can’t accept this, and this is why I will move on in my life, as soon as this war season ends. But before doing that, I wish to share with you some of the good moments in my 2-year-old journey:


The day I reached the first time the top 10 of the leaderboard, along with some good buddies – no pushes/pulls, just with clean victories – those days seem impossible to be repeated now

The day when all top alliances forgot their differences and all united against terrorism


A typical day where I lost ~2 Billion Gems and Trophies. Yes, that gladly was a bug.

The first time where I beat scroll free the base of my RR2 legend, MasterE.

Back on the good old Burninator days before skull perks were implemented. Before the perks, me and the people you see on the screenshot were all consistent top performers. After the skull perks, all of those devoted but low spending raiders become the low/medium performers.


The day were RR2 history was made. The day where a small, infamous team fought united and fearless against the Big 3 Alliances.

I could go on and on but then you may confuse this post with one of HeroesFlorian’s ones :stuck_out_tongue:
I just want to end this by saying a big Thank You to all of you who become my family during those 2 years. I love you all and wish you the very best in every step of your life. 
I am also apologizing to everyone that I may have hurt with my words or actions. I am asking your forgiveness. 

Peace to all raiders !   Hasta la vista!

Hi Evelthon,


It is an honour to have been in multiple alliances with you my friend. As well Burninator where we started and now in North Alliance.

On behave of all generals in North Alliance I want to say that you have NEVER failed us, you are a great player and a good friend, you will be greatly missed.

We all wish you the very best!

Your friend always,

King Digi

Sad to see a good friend leave evel :slightly_frowning_face: W3 have been through so much together, from the beginning of the end with Burni (with kicking like 30 members to win a single war), to starting North and our undying north war. 

But I completely get your struggles. As Digi said, know you never let our team down and you are always welcome to return!

Good bye Ev, was a pleasure fighting with you - great memories too!  , more and more are joining you unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:   I guess its Flares goal to continue to lose more and more customers without a care in the world.  I was looking above - such a shame IM and SK are gone. At this rate at end of 2016 there will be 1 alliance with 120 fiefs and the next closest will have 40 lol , of course by then there will be Skull perks for every item and they will add 19 more rings to be worn, one for every finger and all 10 toes each with a skull perk chance but only if you pay 220K gems for the super uber uber chest with 100 super uber items in them and a chance of 0.000000006% that one will have a skull perk!   


oh crap , I better stop, Flare may think thats a great idea.


Good luck and enjoy life man.

and i suppose that you think that one remaining clan with 120 fiefs will be north.what a crock of dog duty.   but all of us lowlifes will bow b4 you im sure…



Good bye, hope you find happiness in another game:)



Any other top alliances that want to join in, please just say so and friend one of our leaders.

arabic revolt and lions den have 50% got into this, how about you guys?

-north alliance?

-vanguard legion?

-sk alliances?


If so, please write it down here if you want. 

Screenshot (85).jpg

Screenshot (86).jpg

   From all my positive things said above , yes you are right, it was clear as day that the 1 remaining Alliance I was speaking of would be NA of course!

Cant believe I could not fool you.  What a great goal to wish for, to be the last alliance with zero competition anywhere around.  ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz Borrrrrrrring.




Bye bye my forum friend

Sad, very sad. Another dark black page can be added to the story of this game.

You are a fantastic guy Evelthon, visited us once and I still remember it as it was yesterday. An example for us all.

Goodbye and wish you all the best.

All the best and good luck !

Don’t know you personally, but can associate with your story. Long time since I decided to keep family priorities ahead. 

The game is not worth spending time, energy and especially cash. All your efforts seems to wasted in front of the greed of FG. I feel and know the time spent with our loved ones will never be wasted, and so it will be cherished. 

Who knows if this game will survive or not. I am not confident the way it is going that it will move to 2017.


Goodbye buddy! We don’t know each other, but I can feel for you. I feel the same. My motivation to reach the top has diminished with this update. Raids are no longer fun. Insta troops seem more powerful than scrolls and they are free. I would have kept spending money on this game to reach the top but I won’t be fooled now. All the time that I have invested in the game has gone in vain. I am so angry. But I am still fighting the last season for the alliance. I will leave with dreams unfulfilled. I feel sad for my teammates. They have no idea they will lose their leader. But this is the fact. I cannot stand this game anymore. So, goodbye brother. I will follow you soon.

this indeed sad…every update flare messes up…we lose a few good players and flare marches on…soon we will have another update and im sure it will upset a lot of players…but only a few will leave the game…and flare marches on .what can we do…i really enjoy playing…and have not minded paying…but it is getting out of my financial range



Hey Evelthon, 

As to see you leaving, I had some fun talking with you and sharing some time over the last months.

Good luck in life and take care :slight_smile:

Clearly this post has come from a player’s heart who is sad to leave after investing so much into the game. :slightly_frowning_face:

Let’s see how long this “farewell” will last… :rolleyes:

To my friend Evelthon,

For me and for many others here, the person behind the IGN matters. Honored to say that I’ve got to know you as a person and you have helped me a lot. Both in the game and in private issues as well.

You always took a stand for integrity and honesty at any circumstances. This deserves a special respect.

Your achievements in the game were fair and rightfully earned.

Very sad to see you leave Evelthon. It was probably not an easy decision, but think you have your strong reasons. Family and business should indeed come first and if there is no longer fun in playing, then indeed there is no reason to stay.

Goodbye my friend and the best luck in everything you do.

Hope we continue to keep in touch :slight_smile:

All the best Evelthon, take care in real life of you and all the dear people around you. It’s been a pleasure see you in top :grinning:

And since i’m a terminator fan me too…Hasta la vista Evelthon  :grinning:

if you are leaving then give me your account… I’ll continue from where you leave…

IGN: Key-Men