A raiding strategy that requires no scrolling.

If you’re a weakling like me who finds himself struggling to beat big-gold bases without using scrolls, there’s a better way.

You see, the problem with us getting big gold, isn’t so much a matter of how much food we get each day, but rather, the fact that assholes always steal your gold before you can raise enough. That forces us to attack stronger bases which we can’t handle, which causes us to use scrolls.

The more effective way is this: Attack open bases that offer 100k+, use gold boost items, and keep up a constant Gold Shield. Why? Because think about it. I can go through 1000 gems a day trying to raise enough gold, or I can spend 180 gems for a 3-day Gold Shield. Both give the same result. And even though open bases give peanuts usually, with strong gold-boost items, you can potentially get double what you should get! So you can turn 100k into 200k! Now take 200k per raid, vs. 600k per raid. Sucks, right? But think about this. With Gold Shield for a day, you can get up to 4x as much in one session! And for less money! It’s cheaper, it’s easier, and you can stack much larger amounts of gold.

*DISCLAIMER: I use this strategy because I bought a +5 level package, and now I can’t find anyone my level to give me anything more than 250k per raid. So for me, the difference between 200k and 330k isn’t that much. Your situations may vary, but I’m just throwing this strategy out there.

For those of you who need this strategy, I’m going to make a list of open bases. I figure that if people are opening their bases, they probably don’t mind getting attacked. WARNING: Many of these players only open their bases between War Seasons. Be aware that they are not open 24/7, and that you will have your *** handed to you if you attack them during war season. Believe me, I know.

TripMoon - 4,000+ trophies

PimpNasty - 3,000+ trophies

Prokyror163 - 2,500+ trophies

Mycole1 - 2,500+ trophies

Great advice. I am going to start using this strategy. I mainly have scream bonus (control freak, lol), but if I had a gold bonus, it is more of a guarantee of getting maximum reward. Thank you Sentinel!




What armor do you equip with the gold bonus? What do you use on your other armor? This has been a question of mine for a long time.



Here is mine currently:

I can’t send pictures from mobile, but these are my items:

Gold Helmet

Gold Cape

Fire Shield

Ice Shield

Poison Sword (Because Arblasters. My Sonic Blast is amazing for my level, so no need for extra blunt damage)

Ice Gaunlets




They’re all yellow, except the cape is purple, and the boots are green. Haven’t gotten anything better in those categories ._.

I currently have almost open base too, anyone feel free to visit me.


You said that you can’t find anyone at your level giving you good loot. The problem here is possibly not a matter of king level, but of the trophy level you are. Possibly the game considers you too low to give you decent loots anymore, but instead wants you to man up and face the challenge! 


Instead of choosing gold boosted items, if you use an offensive boost equipment (e.g. with leadership boost) will make you win more often hard castles, giving you more gold, medal, trophy, experience. You don’t have to win all the time, even a 50-70% is usually better than 100% on a very easy or open base that offers much fewer overall rewards.


Also, last but not least, were is the fun in winning an extremely easy opponent? It’s just meaningless grinding, instead of taking a challenge and enjoying the game.

I deleted a part of my post which could be offensive to some…

You can attack my base: somu240, 3450 trophys . I will keep all towers with no waves. So that attacker gets medals also.Feel free to attack my base.

Unless i have a big loot in my treasure chamber :slight_smile:

I want to reduce my trophys down to 3100