A secret base trick for Angelic.

This thread is directed at the lower-strengthened members of Angelic. You’re welcome to glean information from this if you’d like, but it’s not something that everyone should know.

Angelic, Skulls earned are supposedly proportional to the % victory of a base taken down. Ergo, the less percent your enemies get against you, the less Skulls they get.

There’s an old base design that people used to use for trophy stripping, called Cannonbane. What Cannonbane is, is you route your path up to the very side of your Castle Gate. This puts it within range of cannons, which will then destroy your Castle Gate, triggering the end of the battle, without necessarily destroying all the towers. Ergo, after this “Cannonbane” point, any towers you have left are completely unharmed, leading to a 70% victory, at best. So by putting all your best towers and barriers at the end of your path, past this Cannonbane point, you trick the enemy into an incomplete victory.

The problem with this design? Lower-leveled players can take advantage of it. I’m not sure how Skulls are calculated, but this means that if a higher-leveled player like me were to implement this design during a War, I would bleed skulls to lower-leveled players. How many skulls? I don’t know. But my point is, I only want lower-leveled to implement one of these designs. Trust me, they work. While using this design, I jumped from 2,900 to 3,250 trophies without even raiding. These partial victories may help us turn the tide of a war.

Well, if you want something to be kept a secret, or even just for you own alliance, I’d recommend you to open a FB page or a forum somewhere else. Everything you open here can be seen and read by everyone in the world :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah Vester is right about that, but thanks for sharing this strategy! :slight_smile:


In my alliance we require our member to join our WhatsApp-group,

this is a real benefit which i can only recommend!

Doesn’t work anymore that trick after the introduction of Alliance Wars.

What you call “Cannon Bane” design was already widely known and used for 1-2 months. Even on the forum here, there were several topics about that design, most commonly termed as “gatekiller design”.

It not only was great against cannon-based attacks but also against ranged-troops in general (depending on attacker’s skill and strategy).


Btw weaker players with gatekiller bases were (when it still worked) easily beatable if you paid attention to their base preview. The gatekiller was easily noticeable, and by using a different troop combination, could in many cases be cleared to 95-100% rather easily… thus, I would love going to war against an alliance with gatekiller bases :wink:


Anyway, oPelle is right: This kind of design doesn’t work anymore since introduction of alliance wars (2 weeks now), as your troops will not attack the castle gate across path overlap anymore. :slightly_frowning_face:

As the gatekiller is dead, I think we can close this topic - it won’t be of any use unless Flaregames bring the gatekiller back (which I really doubt).