A short duration event with Nice Rewards

Royal Revolt 2 is a nice game, which is loved by everyone. However, all the events in it, Wars, Conquest, Ninjas, Pro-Leagues are all long and not all people can participate in them.

Pro leagues are still better because we can play it whenever we wish, but removing the monthly pro-league is bad.

Wars are still good as we can stay online at every time and fight.

Ninjas are unexpected. The ratio islands and duration do not fit for people who can’t give much time to the game.

Conquest is the worst thing we can have. It have the longest duration, and players need to stay much online in it.


I wish, a new short duration event can be introduced into the game. It can be the  CONQUEROR LEAGUE

This league will require a ticket like a pro league. But, it is an individual league, so conqueror tickets cannot be donated (safe than pro leagues).

This league will happen every day and will end everyday means.  1-day Duration.

The people can fight any opponent in the game.

Everyone participating in the league will get the  Same number of points,  though they attack anyone.

The number of players participating shall be 20.  20 participating players.

The person with the maximum number of points shall be the winner.

There shall be three ranks. Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

The league depends on the number of bases fought and not on the tier and trophy of players.



Rank 1: 10 Uber Chests, 500 gems and 5000 pearls.

Rank 2: 7 Uber Chests, 250 gems and 2500 pearls

Rank 3: 5 Uber Chest, 100 gems and 1000 pearls

Rank 3+: Your Choice

Or may be better rewards…  :rolleyes: or Every league may have different rewards as pro leagues.


The leagues like this will make more people active in the game. For its short duration, people will play it and it will be successful. People who cannot give much time to the game, can play this league on weekends as it lasts only one day. This will make RR2 popular.

10 Uber chests for playing a  1-day Duration  event…

Wow… Easy there Cowboy  :lol:

Your idea is already pretty much like the Leagues (Bronze, Silver, Diamond and Platinum).

I see no reason to add this because: 

  1. It looks a lot like the Leagues
  2. The rewards are too exagerated
  3. Having a 1-day duration event may seem good to play whenever we want… but it would have the opposite effect:
    It would force us to be in-game much more than we already do.

PS: I think that what we should have as a “short duration” single-player like event… Is what’s been suggested several times: Daily quests with proper rewards :slight_smile:

You say you need to stay more online, but probably, you didn’t read it properly… It will be once a week and not every day. I wrote, the rewards may be decided by Flare.

So, no need for bargaining for rewards.

One ticket, once a week, means, you can use it in any event, whenever you feel, you are online, and you can stay active for long, better than daily leagues, you lose or win.


Just saying that short-duration events shall be implemented into the game.


“This league will happen every day”.

I’m sorry bud, but I think I’ve read it right. :slight_smile:

Ok, in my point of view this “new event” has many flaws: it can be exploited by either using bots, friends help etc. (You say that you can attack anyone so I suppose that its like the attacking with search fct.)

Also you say that conquest is not good because you “need” to stay very long online on it, but you want an event that last only 24h…so this event will be like: " the one that stays 24h online gets the best rewards". Like a competition, like leagues but only one day so it will “force” players to stay online that day to have a good spot…and on top of that you’ll need to buy a ticket to participate in this infernal event! This is conterproductive of what you want!

Just no for me.

But you can participate only once in a week for free.

I think that idea makes the conquest more worse that the are now, because I like the conquest and that idea makes the conquest in mi opinion not better oft interesting rather the opposite. 

Cq is a worst event in the casual game

requires too many time online


Someone explain him, we are not talking about the conquest.

During conquest no overlapping time consuming event should take place, that’s what Philip means. Conquest is a team event, that many players like or dislike, but it is already exhausting enough for a lot of players. When two time consuming events (or even three, since leagues can also be time consuming for the ones who actually try to win them) overlap, it literally would feel like being married to the game, it would become too time demanding.

We already have daily leagues where you can win gems plus a pro league where you individually can gain nice rewards. So if you want to win daily rewards, focus on winning a league.

We have events that last for 3-5 days where you can win chests as individual (ninja, war season) plus as team (ninja and conquest). Those chests contain good prices, but for gaining them, you need to play multiple days in a row. And the huge rewards only are given when you and your team do their best every day.

When you can’t play every day, individual rewards will be indeed less, unless your team mates do the job for you during conquest, since that is an event focused totally on team effort. 

When you aren’t able to participate every day during ninja event or war season, you will indeed miss a lot of rewards. There also needs to be some time to raid for gold to upgrade stuff, which is called recess. Honestly, when there is an event like war season or ninja I first finish those raids to help the team. During conquest I seldom have time to do individual raids.

When you participate during the ninja, conquest, pro league and war seasons and don’t continue opening chest after a failure, you gain more than enough rewards as a free player. We even have festivals, giving tons of gold and when you don’t spend festival currency and play every day, you also gain gems.

So I think this is a nice but non-feasible idea.