A short goodbye message

Hello everyone , 


Today is my last day playing Royal Revolt 2.Its been a fantastic 18 months.Probably the best game I’ve ever played.I’ve known many people , friends and enemies in this game.I appreciate every single one of them for bringing joy and challenges.I wish the game will grow and become better in future.I won’t be moderating this forum either of course.


Proud to say that aside from maxed out waves , I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve in this game.I won’t retire my account , someone else will be playing it.Too bad FG won’t allow name change anymore because I would like to retire the IGN Fii Nami but nevermind.Anyway good luck to everyone ! 


I hope Heroesflorian can handle the suggestion and improvement list for me after this


Best wishes ,

Fii Nami

Hi Fii Nami, thanks for being here for such a long time with all of us, it’s been a great pleasure have you here on forum and probably especially for all of your rr2 friends.

I wish you all the best luck you need and long future. Keep going  :grinning:

In myself i always say that it’s not good tell goodbye for the last farewell for any kind of sad or right goodbye we have to say; so i will say you only bye :slight_smile:

Hi Fii Nami,


Thank you very much for your active contribution to this game.

Will really miss your posts here on the forums…


Good luck!





A real shame to see you go Fii, always appreciated your honesty and insights into the game, you are a great raider … its sad to see yet another long time RR player leave. Best of luck in all that you do.

Bastard!! Go away!!!  :angry:

@ fii can we ask why?


you said a fancy goodbye and didn’t even say WHY you are leaving lol

Take care!

You will be missed for sure.

Oh dear… sad to see you go Fii!  :slightly_frowning_face:

bonjour Fii  NAmi 

merci pour ce que vous avez fait dans le forum , comme dis nos amis dans le jeu tres bonne continuation  Fii Nami et prenez soin de vous ,


amititié du jeu @+jimmi 03

Why ? because I don’t have enough time to invest in this game anymore…

extremely valid  reasoning :stuck_out_tongue:


good thing I don’t have a real life!


anyways take care! hope you didn’t abandon open team!

Fii Nami,


I had the same problem. This game started to consume huge amounts of my time. There was a feeling that i need to “marry” RR2, only to continue playing.

So, I quit the leadership of my alliance, passed all the members to a safe place (new home) and joined Dena4, the best leader around, to establish leisure and fun alliance Genie & Master. No stress, not too much time consuming. Pure FUN.


Please consider visiting us before you go. Maybe you will change your mind. :slight_smile:





Fii, As Edward gave me the title of best leader around, which honors me, give me the chance and honor to have you under my leadership once. No stress, no requirement to spent a lot of time, just friendship and fun. Families are important, no need to improve and spent a lot of time in this time consuming game. In our Alliance that’s not required. Members are important, individual players, not this time consuming game.


Spent a lot of time myself, hurting my family a lot by spending too much time on this game. Players under my command feel happy, I give them all the time they need for family, that’s important, not a stupid upgrade or winning a war. I would rather lose a complete war season then a loyal member. Members are important and that’s he way I try to manage our Alliance. Sure… I am the leader, but we do it as a team. Please give me that last honor and have you for a moment as a member of my team, I would be flattered. You will not regret it and if you want to stop anyway, I will respect it.


If there are more players feeling to quit, remember my words.






Genie and Master



Glad to have had you with us, even for a short bit.  Everyone at Lions, including myself, will miss you.  Have fun at BB :slight_smile:

Cya fii and have fun in what ever you play next

_ It is a courageous decision that I highly regarded _

_ You really have made the right choice, it’s just a game after all. _

_ Enjoying life you got, there 's nothing to regret, you can always stay connected with your ** RR2 ** friends . _

_ Many greetings. _

good bye Fii!!

Have fun and enjoy every moment in your life!

Bye fii :slight_smile:

Fii soo sad to see you go :slightly_frowning_face: