A small calculation..

My team wanna fight against monsters in conquest but there is a problem. Let me show.

Here Im calculating max amount of resources thet an alliance can save without wasting time and gems… 

for wisdom

L10 university can keep 160K of wisdom

A L8 alchemy lab can produce 720 of wisdom per day…

As we have 5 days in conquest and 1 more day for extra storage, We have 65 players and 6 day of producing rate during conquest…

So max amount of wisdom an alliance may have in conquest without wasting gem and time is [160K + (720*65*6)] = 440800

And here is the min amount of wisdom that tech tree can eat without wasting time is 1.020.520 . (I simply added the CHEAPEST 20 techs)

So 579.720 of wisdom can be bought by only gems… its around 125k gems for cheapest 20 tech


for stones

L10 stone storage can keep 50k of stones and mining can produce 480 stones per day

same calculation with 65 players and 6 days is [50k + (480*65*6)] = 237200

max amount of stones that towers requires is around 900K of stones (more than 20 of L4 towers can be built in conquest)

so 650K of stones requires  around 215K gems…


troops cost is depend on wars in map so I cant calculate an approximate amount. 


Of course mid level alliances cant upgrade all these so everyone has adapted to system but top allies spend gems.

However, even if everyone has max level of buildings, my team still needs around 340K of gems for equal conditions in conquest fight with top alliances… 

We really wanna fight in the hardest map but here are results.

You don’t have to research half/all techs or build 20 lvl4 towers.

You have a finite amount of resources (stone, wisdom and time). There’s a limit to what you can do without investing tons of gems.

I’ve noticed that you can get to 400-450 points without extra stone in the top tier (if you get a mine, some other special tiles and not lose towers), which is not too bad.

Flare seems happy with alliances having only enough wisdom for 8 techs in the top tier, forcing players to gem if they want more.


Troops are tough. You can’t even max all 65 players right at the start of Conquest without gems.


The sad reality is that you need massive amounts of gems to be able to compete in the top maps of the top tier.

Exactly. I want top maps of top tier. Thats the problem