A small change in Blacksmith event

My sixth sense tells me that the next event will be a Blacksmith event.

I would suggest a small change in the event-

It will be great if during the event, The Blacksmith is boosted from the start till the end of the event.

It will definitely benifit, windows phone users and other android users who aren’t able to watch videos due to a bug.

I hope I am not demanding much

Thank You

And please reduce perk cooldowns during blacksmith events! 

Yes! Please let us benifit from the event

yes I am getting the vibe too that the next event would be blacksmith and I would be more than happy to have it

yes perk cool down would be superb like max 6 hrs cool down or 12 hr would be great. pe

Na, I think its balanced as it is. Free users don’t get to make demands.  


get lost idiot, what are you talking about?

user with video - is not free user


if some platform or country has no video - you call them beggars? :angry:

Users who rely on video for boosts are free users…#FacePalm

If you want to keep boosts up 24/7, spend gems…

otherwise stop begging for 24/7 boosts in the name of events…

It is not a question of money.It is a question of equality of the players.Those who are not lucky enough to have video - already flawed situation.And then they also look shocked as a “free” lucky players will receive a huge boost forge at event.

Flare seems to don’t care much about those of us who don’t give them money, so begging won’t change anything.

I like the idea anyway, it would help a lot in the event, after all it’s blacksmith’s event, so boosting it for all the event sounds fair enough.

Give me any example where Flare has implemented any such suggestion which benefits free players at the expense of their profits…


Any free player who still believes that flare will even consider their suggestions is brain dead…


There was no need for inserting money or blame flare in this post. All is asked was a simple change in the event.

I don’t think even top players use gems for boosting farms and blacksmith , as the cost of running the boosts for all day requires around- 4x6x20 + 50x3 = 630 gems.

And in a month the cost will be = 630x30= 18900 Gems! Who will activate it? That’s why most players depend on free boosts.

I used to earn around 500 pearls a day when my Blacksmith was boosted, now I earn around 150 a day which really is affecting my gameplay.

Talking about what flare has done for free players- Videos , Daily rewards. Chests from wars, increase pearls in Cof, Increased no. of items found in Cof, Your 2nd forge is always success and list goes on.


And i am not complaining flare, just gave a good suggestion


and your so called suggestion will never be implemented unless flare sees a profit in it.

You can waste your time on forums trying to make good suggestions and justifying them, but at the end of the day you are just banging your head against a wall.

Its my time and not yours, don’t forget you are wasting your time too by posting replies.

Finally some wise words! 

At least I am not living in an imaginary world where I think of Flare as some kind of tooth faerie or santa claus who will grant my wishes.

And I don’t waste time ANYMORE exploring ideas which definitely will benefit the community but will never EVER EVER be implemented by flare…

I am just replying to posts to wake people from their sleep and realize they are not going to get anything they demand which would balance game or make it anywhere close to fair for free players.

and no waste your time trying to come up with a reply to my comment…

I am quitting the game nyway…so won’t be around to even read further replies… :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright Thank you , you needn’t awake me

The forum is used by its members so that we can give suggestions to flaregames how to make the game better for us. Ofcourse flare made the game to make money or else why would they make the game in the first place? But they did hear to suggestions (although only a few of them). I liked the suggestion placed by zohaibtheking. But I don’t think flare will implement it coz this event is a platform for players to spend much gems and with the new boosting feature many for gems would be spend. So they would not want to miss such a chance.

This Kappa guy seems very intelligent hahaha…

So because you watch videos to start boosts you are not a spender? I guess if I watch a video it implies that

-I never scrolled

-I never opened a chest using gems

-I never speeded up any upgrades

-I never bought any workers

-I never spent gems on unlocking blacksmith slots

Oh and you dont think flare earns money everytime someone watches a video that they allow to stay in their app? :slight_smile:




Hope! There is hope! Flare most probably is seeing this( Devs say they check all posts everyday) , It will be great chance for them to gain the trust of their players.