A snapshot of our conquest - and the last time I provide feedback

Dear Flare,

Within the first day of conquest, here is how things look:

  • 20 players haven’t left the base. Some even asked for troops and disconnected afterwards without moving.

  • Another 10 left the base and moved once or twice, and now sit idle close to base.

  • We made a peace deal within the first 6 hours. No one wants to play this as it is. Sometimes we even go for 2 peace deals and sim city mode.

  • 5 players left the base without troops

  • Out of this 5, 2 of them, that also happen to be our weakest, entered important battles, making it 20 times more difficult to win since all the opposing players score free skulls on them.


We tried EVERYTHING we can to communicate. Prior instructions in whatsapp, in-game chat and notifications. IT JUST DOES NOT WORK. There is no way to get people participating as you (flare and us generals) expect them to. Moving takes 5 minutes and still many people just won’t do it.

Some players don’t even know what terrain to walk onto.

It’s mind-boggling that we don’t have an in-game guide to conquest given it’s complexity. Not every player is gonna come dig the forums for instructions.

Now, given what was exposed above, I just expect one simple answer from flare @Madlen. What do you expect us as leaders and generals do to?

a) kick 20-30 players after every conquest for lack of participation

b) keep working like retarded zombies so that the least worse alliance wins? (or should I say the zombie-most alliance, since that is how we feel after 5 days of pestering everyone’s life)

I really don’t see any third option here, and would very much appreciate an answer from the minds who envisioned conquest mode.


Hi rrrr,

Thanks for sharing your opinion. I can see and hear that leaders and generals are frustrated with the conquest since I started working here (it was the first day of the conquest haha) and the time it sometimes requires to play it. :slightly_frowning_face:

I have recently created an in-game survey that gave us some more insights.  We really want to improve the situation for leaders and generals (and in the end everyone) and are currently thinking about ways to do that. We also think the community made some great suggestions, and some features are on our list that have not made it in the game yet, unfortunately.

I hope to share more concrete feedback in the future about the measures we will take.

I hope you agree with me that with every update we made we tried to improve it and that is something we will continue doing in the future. 


Hi Madlen,

The sad reality is the community still does not know what you intend with conquest, and where you want to go with it.

The main issue, which is time required to play in a game meant to be casually played, has never been addressed or discussed with the community. There are polls and discussions of the most irrelevant things, and not a word is said about how to fix the time issue.

You can make conquest the most perfect strategy game ever - it is still not gonna work in the current players. Worse yet, it will continue to frustrate leaders on one side, and regular players on the other who get bossed around every 2-3 weeks like babies.

Please try to put yourself in our shoes. Great anticipation of new incredible mode > conquest launches as if no one ever beta tested it once > conquest is kept live for us to beta test it on the go for months > core issues remain unaddressed and undiscussed.

Is that not an insult to our time? Let’s remember conquest began as an 8 day event - THAT is how untested the thing was before it was thrown at us.

But yes, I can refrain from sarcasm, an instead just voice my blunt opinion, though that will sound harsher. It is still feedback, it’s up to the ones who hear to take something out of it or adopt the “oh that offends me” stance.

Whoever was responsible for the project clearly had no idea of what he was doing. Whoever is responsible for fixing it now clearly is just as lost. And flare’s communication regarding the matter has failed miserably.

Please play your own game flare. It is not that hard.

Let me say that ever since madlen joined.   She has tried her best to communicate.    Without her it would been a bigger disaster.


Having said that.   I agree with every line written by rrrr.  Specially about the way we players were treated as beta testers to every aspect of conquest is fustrating with a diverse group of players whit different languages and yes just half the alliance understands how to play it


Our only saving grace is many of our opponents are equally fed up and thankfully all agreed to make deals and get to 200 points and base on team rank,  just decide who will be first, second and third.     The 4th team will be a little upset, will try to come 3rd and there will be some drama of double crossing 

But saving grace is make deals,  dont sweat over conquest and do ur leagues and wait for festivals.   

And yes we do have 20 percent of our generals who love conquest.  Good for them and we are glad we have them to drive the things a bit.  

Thanks for the in game survey.     My biggest feedback was every aspect of rr2 could be played any time in a 24 hour window.   So I can work and come and play.   Conquest blows that out of park.  So either we get disturbed at work and play it we get into this dont care mode about the game for 5 days.    Both options are bad.


Thanks for trying madlen.   But I do agree with rrrr.   This was unfortunately a very bad idea and we have all spent crazy gems upgrading conquest buildings.   So I am sure u cannot just remove conquest from the game.   Imagine if we get gem refunds for those buildings based on level and some thing else comes in instead of conquest.      :slight_smile:


Anyway.    Make deals,  try to be peaceful and live through 5 days and we love the rewards.  


Hi, I just noticed that the leader of the yellow alliance uses at least 5 other accounts with low-level heroes in order to bring a large number of troops to achieve a higher victory, which is evident from the fact that they fit one by one, which forces us to gather from the entire map for support troops, I think that this is not fair. After all, all our strength is meaningless against a pile of accounts of 2-5 levels …


I feel like the biggest problem with Conquest is everyone feels different about what they get out of it.  Some players feel the work they put into it is worth the rewards and others feel like not doing anything and getting some rewards is the best approach.  There is no individual incentives in Conquest and I think that is the biggest problem.  Conquest needs to be loaded with opportunity for individual players and alliances to motivate them to invest their time. 

I think straight up rewards for skull count similar to WAR would be a fine place to start, imo. Perhaps not the best and would need some tweaking but better than nothing. Would deter the deal making to an extent.

I think all of these Incentives should be added to Conquest

Individual Rewards for total Skull count

Individual Rewards for successful defense or attack of towers that your hero participated in

I think either Dungeons and/or Boss Battles should be added to Conquest

 - Dungeons would just be a special tile that when you land on it you have access to a Dungeon similar to Pro League but with different rewards.  There should be several of these on the map and they are only accessible if you own the tile.  

 - Boss Battles would be a special tile that has only 1 Coarse that would be more difficult.  Same thing as a Dungeon, your alliance would have to own the tile to have access to it.  Everyone would get 1 Attempt at the Boss Battle.  All Alliance members scores would be added up to unlock more rewards. 

Another idea that would really motivate players would be to have 1 Crystal Mine on the map in the dead center.  Owning the Crystal Mine would give all members of the Alliance Pro Crystals.  The amount of pro crystals the mine would produce would depend on the tier. 

Oh look how brilliant this is. The weak guys in our alliance are standing in EVERY defensive position they shouldn’t.

What can we do as generals?

  • Mark an order they won’t see or don’t even know how to follow.

  • Use chat and notifications they won’t bother reading too.


Can you see we have to babysit 60 different people for 5 days straight, 24/7, because ANY wrong move might cost the work of DAYS? And as it is, we have absolutely ZERO CONTROL over what people do?


@Madlen the ONLY reason why conquest hasn’t caused more chaos is because you basically bought players’ silence with the rewards.

Everyone is playing the game for the rewards, and will always figure out the easiest path to them. That’s why deals are made. That’s why we put up with this most irritating 5 days.


@Madlen Can you see the problem is you (flare) don’t even have an answer to give? What did you intend with conquest, if you intended anything at all? Did you test it for 8 days before throwing it at us? Do you acknowledge time required and players lack of compromise break the game? Wasn’t it a major mistake to even put online something like this, that is so far from what players expect from the game?

Or maybe its the opposite. It was a major success, 80% of matchups have very active people and it is working as intend, only us in the forums can’t see it. Gems purchase went up through the roof.

NO FEEDBACK. Nothing. The most we get is: we are listening, I’ve forwarded to the devs.

I said it on conquest 1. What you oughta do, as professionals, is APOLOGIZE to the community for doing what you did. Instead, we got silence, as if that hell you put us through was ok.

Now, you can still be professional, even if later than expected. TAKE THE BLOODY THING OFFLINE. MAKE A STATEMENT. PRESENT A MAJOR CHANGE THAT ACTUALLY TRIES TO SALVAGE CONQUEST. Anything, other then this lame minor adjustments.

I disagree. I think you are completely lost. You don’t know where you want to go with this thing, so whatever floats your boat goes into the next update.
(exercising the no sarcasm, harsh truths mode)

@Madlen Everything I say is meant at flare, not you personally.


Right now I feel like I’m the *****. For wasting time providing feedback, and for being so serious about this mode. Months saying the same thing to a wall.

2 more players [3+ year veterans], quit the game altogether during conquest.

The time demands, and inappropriate matching are killing the game.

There is no more feedback. 

No one wants to be on call for their phone game all weekend and while they are at work.

Players of long time feel obligated to help their teams, and when they cannot meet with conquest time demands they are just hitting the uninstall button.

So Bravo!

I lost two of my most highly ranked, productive and engaged generals because they hated Conquest so much.  They have left the game completely.

I am sure some of my team feel I am a total ***** because all I do is nag 24/7 trying to get ppl to read and follow orders and learn how Conquest works.

There is no decent training material for the complexity.

There is not enough for players to do, to enjoy conquest.  Seems you are either bored out of your mind or going crazy because you are mismatched to Alliances that will naturally beat you on every attack - a complete exercise in futility that destroys morale.

The dealmaking - I don’t make deals but there is no way to prevent this.  Obviously this destroys any hope of fair sportsmanship.

The locking of a tile after war removes the small opportunity the lower strength alliance might have, to be able to achieve anything against very aggressive alliances.

There is so much opportunity for disappointment and frustration.  I completely understand why people are sarcastic.  We are tired of not sleeping for 5 days to have to put up with all of the negative aspects of this feature.

I couldn’t do the survey at the time it popped up, and having closed that window I did not get another opportunity to respond.  However, much of the feedback you are getting here may not fit neatly into the categories of the survey.

My general had same problem. When he clicked on the survey the game crashed. When it came back option was gone. 

Maybe they don’t wanna know what we have to say… [just kidding madlen]

Either way, watching conquest be the cause of so many leaving the game is sad. 

The ones we had leave just said conquest wasn’t the type of game they joined to play, and requires too much life interruption. 

It makes me feel sad tho, I have known and played with these people for years. :frowning:

Sad to see so many fun people leave

Maybe Flare can give Alliances the option to Opt Out of Conquest then. 

After 4,5 half years something new is good ? … but i think conquest wasn’t the best choice

now its in the game and we can only do one thing, help to improve it

yesteerday i was the poor general that always be called ? exhausting

Hi guys,

The team and I are aware that these are the following most-discussed topics with Conquest at the moment:

  • Matchmaking

  • Supreme Victory

  • Time invest

  • (Communication) Improvements for Leaders and Generals

-> I can assure you we are thinking about and working on to improve these areas of the Conquest. With a small team, however, this takes some time until you see more drastic changes to a game mode. In general, we have ideas on how to improve those features, but we always welcome feedback on those on how to make it better, you have also done that in the past but just to give it some food for thought for new ideas as well:

With the overall principle of the Conquest (different time zones, 4 teams on the map fighting confirmed) how would you imagine your ideal Conquest?

Would you rather want it to be round-based? Would you like to hand off responsibilities to the leaders and generals completely? What would you like to see to have fun?

We have answers on these questions already from threads and our survey and of course our own ideas, but if you go more into this direction when discussing, it sure would be interesting to hear.

It will take some time until the impact shows with a small development team. In general, what is easier done are balancing changes than things that require additional code. That’s why balancing changes can be done rather fast, instead of changes that require code.

Let’s improve the mode together :slight_smile:





I am not doubting your efforts, but Conquest has been around for almost 6 months and we still can’t even locate an alliance member and can’t properly communicate via the ingame chat.

Sure, there are several big problems (time consumed is the biggest), but these 2 things seem pretty obvious urgent features since day 1.

Another player uninstalled this morning​:frowning::frowning::frowning:

And 2 more that haven’t logged on in 4 days [one of these started playing the first month when I did].

And we have the 200 point boxes… apparantly those boxes do not matter all that much when it comes to the “game” interrupting your life.

I am heartbroken at the friends we will lose, The fun we have all had for these years has been ruined. 

Perhaps flare should just release a new game, called “Conquest” , and allow the players that enjoy it to transfer their buildings to that game?

I am sure there are some that love being online 24hrs a day… So why not just make it a seperate game and the ones that want to spend their lives on their phone game can join that game?

Do we have to actually kill Royal Revolt first? 

The best part of Royal Revolt was you could have fun with a team and be a valuable member by playing when you had time during the day. 

It allowed people from all over the world to meet, and unite as a team. I remember thinking how cool it was to get to know great people from every country and different walks of life.

Words I have heard from teammates this week have been, “Now a chore”, “I dred logging in”, “I am uninstalling because I am unuseful to the team” , “No longer enjoy the game”, “Dont understand what we are suppose to do”,   “Cannot beat anyone on the other team”  , and list goes on.

These are all players that loved Royal Revolt and all at least level 100. They are all players that are very active in every other aspect of the game.

I believe after first conquest it was requested that a team should be able to opt out if not interested in participating in conquest. That request was completely ignored. 

Once the team is forced into playing it, the people feel obligated to try and help. However, being obligated to something that was suppose to be fun for you is not the same thing. 

We do Not wish to be obligated to conquest.


I have lost some good players, because of Conquest mismatching, and many other problems. Currently, we are a level 31 alliance in Seasoned Explorers tier of Conquest. Since, no tiers or ranks have been added to Adventurers (like seasoned and veteran) ranks or higher…, we are matched some freaking how with level 80 and level 75 alliances. Yeah. not fun. We had to pay for all our resources, and we just can not afford to play like this anymore. I have more members who are fed up with conquest. I am very fed up, myself, as Leader. So much needs to change, like chat communication, having more control on moving our members where we need them (especially those who just stand somewhere for 5 days or in stronghold). If I keep kicking players, I will have no team. I do not know how much longer (been 3 years) I can do this game. Cost too much for all the frustrations.

I do like the time change on Conquest. Please do not change that.


If you guys are losing players from your alliance over conquest, just stop playing conquest!  You are not forced to play this game mode.  Just say “we’re an alliance that does all the events except Conquest”.  Done.  No more players feeling obligated to play. 

That said, the 24/7 time demands of conquest are clearly not a fit for this game.  Wars require you to log in once per day.  Festivals once per day. Ninjas 2-3 times per day (love that 5 hr travel cooldown…)  Conquest if you log in once per day you are probably not too useful.

I’ve posted my giant list of conquest feedback before, and there is more that could be added, but the game mode is just so fundamentally different from the rest of the game.  I personally think it’s a cool event, but it’s obvious that it doesn’t fit in a “once a day” phone game.  Making it round-based, with something like 12 hr rounds, would make it a better fit for the game as a whole.  I assume that would require a pretty substantial redesign of the game mode though.