A staller base... Would it work?

Everyone’s out for a balance between stalling the king and killing his units. But I’m curious, would a purely-staller base work better? Like from what I’ve seen, whenever two Boosted Barricades are spaced apart, it’s hard for a Bladestorm to destroy both of them. Also, Boosted Bombers don’t seem to go down to a max Sonic Blast, nor have Frost Towers in the past. So if you had a base that was purely straight-line, Boosted Barricades spaced apart, Boosted Bomb Towers, and Frost Towers, would those make it impossible to clear the base in time? (:

Making a straight line - 11paths is not like a 27 paths, so even if you have what you wrote, it’s pretty more easy because you don’t have chokepoints, you don’t have curves that make you lose more time to turn and so on… you have more time also to understand tha the only thing to do is go ahead and not maybe turn back because your troops are going to die or something like these as the case of more paths.

By straight-lined paths, I mean paths that have no overlap. Overlap forces you to put Barricades close together, allowing them to be taken down by Bladestorms.

13 barricades can all be efficiently spaced out even in an overlapping path base…


without path overlap swordrain could be replaced by hammerstrike which would devastate your idea here

Ah, good point 0: Perhaps there’s some compromise between the two? Perhaps only having two points of overlap? That would allow you to space barricades out while requiring Swordrain? (:

One thing to keep in mind is that on a base without path overlap, you can easily get a big raiding army which steadily grows and flows forward without interrruption (except maybe from boosted bomb towers, which don’t do much damage if your troops keep moving ahead instead of staying in place for a while). And then, your stalling tactics all goes to waste. 


Making the attacker run out of time becomes more and more important the higher you get, so now, just imagine 10 knights, followed by 10 archers, followed by 10 cannons - all boosted - moving forward.

They will completely wreck any (boosted) barricade in like 2 seconds if they aren’t interrupted. Boosted bomb towers still only throw 1 bomb at a time, and don’t do most damage (much less than skull tower), so by either throwing the bombs back, or by using a shield spell, you can go forward without any noticeable losses, and you can easily kill the bomb towers when you reach them. Frost towers, while slowing approaching enemies, have a tiny range, so your cannons and archers will destroy those without getting slowed, and without getting damaged at all. Your knights won’t get much damage and are relatively quick compared to archers, so a bit slow won’t do that much. Moreover, you can use your scream boost to nullify all slowing effects. 

Thus, the only possible solution might be heavy distraction from the wave troops… but without path overlap, those can’t intercept or interrupt behind but only attack from the front, where all of your combined forces storm forward to fight them. Also, as you can leave the structures (barricades, bomb towers, frost towers) mostly or completely to your troops, you can bring some spells like swordrain, stun, blizzard, hammerstrike and just take out any approaching waves before they can do much damage to your constantly growing army. 

And of course, you could also pick different boosted units, such as wolves, ogres, arblasters, mummies instead of those mentioned in the example above. 


Stalling with no-path-overlap bases was in fashion for a short while when the elite boosted ogre + wolf combo for waves got popular, but currently that’s “relatively easy” to overcome with boosted ranged troops on attack. But even then, you mostly didn’t have “stalling” towers but rather skull and a few firebolt towers, doing heavy (area) damage to your troops. This meant you had to move forward very carefully and slowly in order to avoid getting your whole army destroyed in a single deadly skull shower… 

Currently, slowing down the attacker by interrupting reinforcements across path overlap with ranged wave troops, and by interleaved fire from many (unreachable/hard to reach) across-path-overlap towers is the direction to go IMHO. Barricades being closer together mean you might have a change of injuring the 2nd one slightly with your 1st spell, but basically a max-boosted lvl 14 tough barricade that might get buffed to double health by a wolf howl, or get healed by some arblasters, is usually a strong enough obstacle to not be able to get a 2 on 1 kill. Also, being closer together, a well-timed wolf or arblaster in your wave can reach more of the structures with their howl/heal effects, making those effects stronger. 

Wait a minute. Werewolf doubles the health of barricades?! 0_0

A boosted werewolf’s howl buffs anything within a large range (maybe 4 or 5, at least definitely larger than area of e.g. a sonic blast spell) around the werewolf, including the werewolf itself, troops, towers, barricades etc. 


All those buffed units receive extra health, immunity to slow effect and extra attack power/speed. At max boost lvl, the extra health from howl will be a lot, I think I wrote +80% somwhere… 

That buff lasts for maybe 5 seconds? 


So, yes, boosted werewolves (almost) double the health of barricades, as well as of anything else. 

Holy moly. Do unboosted werewolves do the same?

no only the raging wolf has this secondary effect on his howl

The unboosted wolf basically has the same kind of effect. But first, the strength of the effect is a lot weaker (maybe only +20%), and most important, the range is MUCH smaller.

Due to the tiny range for unboosted wolves’ howl, their howl usually only affects themselves and if lucky maybe 1 other troop that is currently passing by. Thus, it usually appears they don’t have the “buff friendly units” effect at all. 


But unboosted werewolves have another big “flaw”… a medium lvl blizzard spell easily one-shot-kills them all from afar and even across path overlap. So they often can’t even howl themselves before they die :wink:

So, I wouldn’t recommend using unboosted wolves unless you scrolled the dungeons to get it to max lvl and are still low level overall, where people don’t have good blizzard spells.