A state of war - Recruitment

Hello, I run ASoW, and am looking for new members. The original purpose of our alliance was just for casual group play with the ocassional boost. However, I’m trying to ramp our team up to where we can afford daily boosts and consistant alliance war victories.


What I am looking for:


Members who participate in the war season

Alliance towers at level 5 with a volition to go beyond this


What we have to offer:


Stable leadership

20% gold bonus

Alliance level 19

17/24 members currently.

Freedom to arrange your defenses as you wish


I only remove people from the alliance who become inactive or contribute nothing to their allies.



About me: I have played RR2 vigeriously, and casually at times, since I started a year or so back. I enjoy competition and teamwork. My interest in growing this alliance is sincere and have donated ~30M to it thusfar.