A stats counter for the number of units killed in Defense

I think it would be an interesting idea to have a stats counter for how many units you kill when someone is raiding you. We can have an all new list of achievements for that.


This would certainly give more value to players who focus on Defense.


In order to avoid players using a new second account to “feed” the main account, only units that are at their respective max levels which are killed will be counted.


What do you guys think?

I don’t get your point at all. I don’t see the interest to know in your defense how units you have defeat. That suppose to do something to know you able to kill 500 knight,30 cannon and 5 ogre or 200 knight,10 werewolf and 50 froster and so on?

And? really? that function suppose to proof what? same if you can defeat 1 millions of knight in a week what interest that gonna bring in the game. Sorry but your idea is far to be good maybe the worst I have heard for a long time. What I am suppose to do with a stat in my defense that tell me I have kill 1000 knight on 5 raid or 100 cannon on 10 raid. Really I don’t see the point to have that in the game.