A tie does not pay in conquest

We fought till the last gasp.

We honoured conquest till the last second.

We got a tie and…both 3rd place!?

Hey flare, are you joking? Do you wanna punish us?

This is a tie for 2nd place. Both sleeping lion and the annihilators fully deserve 2nd place, as it goes in sports and any competition!




lol first time I see this. Normally in Olympic Game its a tie for 2nd place. What the 3rd place doing there? You deserve the Trioxin Boost

I think if 3 tie all get 3rd reward too, maybe the company dont want player making deal ? 

This is not our case.


It lowers the reward on equal scores. 2 alliances tied for 1st place = 2nd place for both alliances too.

I guess it’s to prevent teams from doing that on purpose. Otherwise we could just allie with other teams to share 1st place and everyone would get all boosts.

Then fair allies are punished.


That’s ridiculous both teams should get 2nd place…

Didn’t you notice this behavior at start of conquest? At start, all 4 teams have 0 points and are on 4th place. Same score = lowest rank.

I think the reason is that if they would have 1st place when all have same score, they would all start at 1st place, and could get all boost without even doing a single move.

This is plausible at start with 0 points, but not at end with 245 points.

Moreover the chance of getting a tie by making a deal is lower than 1% even if the deal is between me and myself.



This is probably to prevent collusion, everyone take same number of tiles, so you get all boosts, it is better this way, gargoyle is the good (defensive) boost, tower is OK.

No messages between sleeping lion and the annihilators from the start till the end of conquest.

Flare has tools to unmask collusions and unfair behaviours, like in pro league.

Draws are not such a hard thing to happen when teams have same number of workers tho

So I think Flare should change it to: in case of a tie, first team reaching that score will have the advantage and gets the higher position. Easy solution.

Your solution makes sense.

Then please flare give sleeping lion trioxin towers!



This seems a better approach.

Hi there,

since at the end some improvements were suggested, I am moving this to the improvement/feature request section. Thanks! ?