A tiny tip for mid-level players:

I know this is common knowledge, but most people seem to fail to utilize it.

Skull towers have AoE damage. That means that they deal out more damage to large groups than they do to small groups (duh). So one thing you want to do, at a middle level, is to try to bunch up the enemy forces just before you bombard them. In some cases, 1 Skull + 1 Barricade can deal even more damage than 3 Skulls in a line. For example, typically a trap Skull Tower is able to unleash one volley, then dies while it’s reloading. But it always takes out one wave. Ergo, put a Lv.14 Boosted Barricade just before the trap Skull Tower… It will take a very long time for the king to beat through it, meaning that his units will be in a perfect little cluster, right when they come within range~

I hope this topic was helpful to those of you just experimenting with Skull Towers! ^.^ Remember, Skulls and boosted barricades go well together [: If you’re short on Skulls, bunch the bast**** up! =D

I prefer the across path overlap skull tower


have your barricade there to stop them where you want


snake tower infront of barricade to force them into skull tower


and firebolt tower before skull tower to shoot cannons (only troop that can hit the skull tower)


with this method you should get more than 1 volley for sure yet each lob will have that mass destruction! :grinning:

Sonic can hit both the skull and the barricade, destroying them before the skull has a chance to do any real damage. Partner that with a blizzard or boosted arbs/frosters on attack, and putting a skull behind a barricade becomes a pretty bad way to go. The only way I see this being a useful set up is if you set up a skull as you’re saying, but have other skulls/firebolts within range to do damage as the skull tower is being dealt with. Otherwise, not very effective I’d say.

@Horkos: Like I said, it works best with trap tower. Or overlap tower, as Kenny pointed out. I need to figure out how to work that into my base 0: The poison towers, I mean…

What I have now is just a bunch of boosted barricades on the first two lanes (no overlap between them). Then, on the 3rd lane, overlapping the 2nd lane, I have a row of skull towers. Ultimate bunchage! But I haven’t been able to rest it because no one attacks me…

I’ve also been trying something /sort of/ like what Kenny does with poison tower. Since I do straight path, then overlap, I have a row of towers in the middle that only face the first lane. So I put there, 2 Poisons and 2 Firebolts. I’m hoping that the Poisons will drive attackers away from the Firebolts, which will survive to drive them into the skulls. It’s not a solid strategy, though. Lots of ifs…

From my experience no single tower including the Skill tower combined with no any one baricade alone will suffice What you wanna do is create as many cross fires between defending troops and multiple towers as possible.Barricades are mainly there as stop gaps to stop attacking armies progression to give the deffending army time to spawn troops and eat up clock time.Your main deffense should always be creating positions where the attacking army is trapped either between the defending army and a slew of Skull and arrow towers or trapped between both kinds of towers on both sides or if you design a really nasty base get em trapped between skull towers and arrowblaster towers on the right and left and have the defending army coming at them from a third opening.At any rate cross fires and pincer moves are always your best defense.Trying to rely on just towers troops and barricades won’t yield much in the way of defense.Set up angle and position of towers and barricades to create traps are you best strategy.Create as many intersections in the design of your base as possible so as to try and cut off the attacking armies support from the rear and still have a decent force attacking the head of their army and once you create as many of those points as possible look for the bottle neck points and cross fire points and suround them with as much artillary as possible and you can even defend against an opponent way outside your weight class if he’s caught in a bottle neck or cross fire everytime he turns a corner in your maze hell if you do it right it won’t even matter what towes you have as long as you upgrade the heck out of em

Depending on the placement of the skull, you can’t one-hit skull and barricade with a single sonic blast.

If you place the skull directly behind the barricade on a straight path, then what you say is true.

But you can also place the skull on/behind a corner of the path, so that it can fire across the barricade but can’t be reached by sonic blast (or any other 2.4 range spell). 


Anyway, having multiple towers fire at the attacker together is, of course, always a good hint. 

I need help

Then please tell us what kind of help and help with what, first of all…