A tiny tip for players of all levels:

If you’re going to put a Bomb Tower or a Skull Tower behind a barrier, if possible, put it in the corner (: From the corner, it will still shower the player and units behind the barrier, but the opponent will also have to waste a split second walking into the corner to destroy it. And not only that, but the player can’t BS not SB it from behind the barrier (: And, in making the king take the outer path, he has a harder time connecting his spells between towers.

3 reasons why (when possible) you should put your Bomb/Skull tower in the corner behind a barrier:

  1. The opponent cannot Firestorm, Bladestorm, Sonic Blast, or Toxic Cloud it from behind the barrier.

  2. The opponent wastes a split second having to walk into the corner to cast his spell.

  3. In being stuck on the outer lane, your opponent will not be able to zig-zag between towers as easily, making their spells less useful.

You can also put a Poison Tower just behind that to deal extra damage when the king tries to hit the Skull Tower.

Just a little add: Not only useful for bomb/skull towers, but also for arrow towers and, partially, firebolt towers (as firestorm gains bigger range on higher levels, so high lvl firestorm spells can reach fb through barricade when placed directly behind it).