A trophy rain !

I noticed that today I won a lot of trophy without do special action. Most of my teammates have seen the same phenomen.In the ladder, the ratio place/trophy has increase a lot. It seems that the system has changed. Illusion or reality,  Aether do you have any points to explain this ?

Hello there :slight_smile:

The game has been rebalanced to reward players who built a good defense.

If your defense is good, you might win more often than before :slight_smile:

Nice change :slight_smile:


I have invested so much in defense ^^

Aether why dont you make in game announcements with updates so we actually have a clue whats going on. Thats such an obvious necessary change. 

Hello Arkanis,

I do not have the technical means to make ingame announcements, the only announcements I can make are forums related :slight_smile:

Lol i didnt mean you specifically. I mean they need to input some sort of welcome banner that tells people news and updates otherwise it looks like the developers arent doing anything. Most people dont use a forum. 

That would be nice

Even just a “Update xx is now live” with a link to the forum update notes/announcement

Exactly. With no in game developer messaging system it makes it seem like the devs are never doing anythinf and that isnt the case