A very simple solution to Pro Ticket donation

The pro ticket donation was meant to help fellow alliances, yet it was exploited by using multiple accounts to farm tickets.


One VERY easy way to solve this is to ONLY allow tickets donation from higher level king to lower level king, regardless of levels.


So a level 80 king can give a level 79 king tickets but not the other way round. This way, all second accounts can’t give their main accounts tickets, yet, generals or leaders who are mostly of higher levels can still help out their fellow alliance members.

Not at all agreed to this point. I am a level 111 king and leader of my allinace. Many lower Kings in my Ally never loved or cared about pro league. The reason is probably cause e.g. they couldn’t score 1100 points when top 100 scores are around 1650 - 1700 and that too they can do only once in a month which will give them 20 gems max in monthly chest and they never cared about that. So in order to make their presence count they donate their ticket to a higher player who can get a good score for team. 


I would say as we all know we can donate only to Ally memebers… flare can apply a time limit like if both players are in same Ally for 7 days ticket transfer can be done between them :slight_smile:

Well there’s no conflict between your suggestion and mine. It can be like


To donate ticket, one must be:-

a) a higher level king; or

b) be in the same alliance for at least 7 days IF it is from a lower level king to a higher level king.



With War being so far apart now, maybe 14 days would be more appropriate as a number though.

Rules should be same.

If lower king has cool down on donation that should be same for high level king too.

Also that time limit in either case will create problems…just realized that!

For an example: there is a player named Yuvraj who is good. At pro league and and a great human by heart. He finishes top 10 almost every month. In last one he did in 2nd. 

He gets gems. And helps his friends through out community by donating pro tickets( also donated to my Ally members) which is a great gesture.

but he isn’t level 130. So he can donate to low level Kings whenever he wants but not to high level Kings.

i think putting time limit will be wrong and will cause huge uproar.

sry for the first comment ?

Can u guys tell me what is the problem with donating ticket one account to another account??? If some one create multiple account for farm ticket, so what, still they need to upgrade throne room to lvl 10. That’s enough. I think we can stick with the process as it was.

Multiple IDs are a direct violation of terms and conditions of flare games. You can’t have more than one I’d at any given time.

dear, all these talk alone and simply end in one thing: let us spend money and gems to buy the ticket. first Flare gave us the chance to help us and now she took it away. Multiple accounts were a great help. but seen we were so good to try them out. They have taken away the chance to try them out. first the carrot and then stick. compliments!!!

Multiple accounts are helping low level alliances. Let the process goes at it was. It is giving some members to game which it have already lost.

Multiple accounts may help them, but it is illegal to do this to scam the system!

If it is illegal, then what should they do. Everything is right brother. They want players who play. Multiple accounts are giving some help to some low level alliances and did not bring down the rush for top. Multiple accounts are helpful to them and as well as other players, even to Developers. Well, I am happy that  don’t have any second account. I get a single pro ticket every month. Just the worry is this that now I cannot get a pro ticket for a event that I like.