A viable dragon combo:

I know dragons get a lot of hate, but I’m actually having a lot of success with them. Once you get a nice army of knights built up, you can actually spam Pyros to take out ranged units for you.

Here’s my combo: Knight + Pyro + Mummy

Knight: His role is obvious

Pyro: Takes out Mummy, Firebolt, Cannon, Arblaster, and other ranged units

Mummy: Supports and replenishes knights

Blizzard: Kills Skulls & Wolves

Hero: Pushes ogres away from units; screams to remove slow effect.

So far, this combo seems unstoppable. I don’t even need wolf because they just slice through everything so quickly. /And/ I get 2 dragons per raid.





watch these and then say they are weak :slight_smile: 4 dragons in one raid crushed max base


well done Flothaboss and Julie4u

Thanks , got to try that , hoping for the best :slight_smile: