A way that we, the community, can help the game

What can we do to help the game and the forums improve? Well, we’ve already talked a ton about how we can improve the forums: with better attitude from both sides. But what can we do to help more players, that have entered the game, STAY in the game? What we should do is send friend requests to several players, even just 4 or 5 would do, and say hello and give players tips and tricks about the game, and encourage them to continue on! I know from experience that getting advice from a high level player really encourages players! Now, this may not work for all the players, but if you stay their friend and continue to encourage them and help them out, then we can gain players this way!

Honestly, I don’t think it’s our job to keep players from quitting (although, we can help motivate our own alliance). Flare could just listen to the community more and make the game better based on our feedback.

The Conquest thing is a real turn-off to us and to potential new players. What will we say to them?

“Hey, new guy. Can you participate in a 8-day event and log in every 2 hours every day without rest?”

War is boring. Ninja event will take a hundred years to begin. We barely have any festivals lately. Pay to win everywhere.

It doesn’t really matter whether it’s our job or not, we can still help players out and motivate them. I have faith that flare will make the Conquest less time consuming and for newer players, the wars are not boring. The Ninja event will start in about 30 days and hopefully will be on a more fixed schedule after that. Then, of course, you can’t expect Festivals to be around all the time. You want to keep them special. If you have too many, they become bland and boring. Now I come to your final point that the the game is P2W. True, you are better off if you pay, but it’s not impossible to be a good player with a high level kingdom without paying anything. You just have to be wise with your gems while you play!

We already are helping a lot by giving feedback in balance and conquest, I’ll discard free recruiting in a pay to win scenario.

It is going about two months and there is no ninja event. First the cooldown was 38 days. When it reached about 24 or 25 days, Flare increased the cooldown till 40 Days. Are we mad? How long will we wait? This is the reason why everyone will quit. 8 Days long conquest! You will play? No one. If you think that many players may enjoy the game and love  as it was. I have an advice. Keep the game going.

1. Reset back the game to 3.9 after removing all the bugs which were in 3.9.

2. Improve rewards of Wars. Conquests boosts and rewards should be added to Normal Wars.

3. Ninja event often more or an event every week is awesome.

4. Improve daily login rewards so that it wold attract more players to login everyday.

5. Addition of New troops and spells so that old players may return to test them.

6. Defence and Offence should be balanced.

7. More ways of earning gold because players with trophies 1000-2500 don’t fight much because they think they will gain nothing.

8. Pro ticket donation should be done between players who stay at least for 7 days in the same alliance.

I feel that these improvements will change the game and may bring back players who have left and also invite new ones.


I also want to help the game and play it for a few more years. I don’t want the game to die in this 2018 itself.

I thought you said you liked the Conquest? Anyway, I like it and I don’t think that they need to reset, even if they could! If they were gonna reset anything, just reset it back to 4.0.0, you know, take out the balances that hurt the game

Never. Who is a mad who will play continuously for 8 days staying 2 hours a day minimum. Ah, we have many other works to do. You red only the first point. If the points below could be accepted, the game will be still better without conquest.

Maybe I did seem to read only the first point, but your comment proves that you haven’t “red” flare’s multiple comments on how they are going to fix the Conquest in order to make it more convenient for everyone

I didn’t like the conquest. What flare will do? Will give some more rewards in chests. Hey, we don’t need them. We need some enjoyment in the game. Game means entertainment and not duty, which Royal Revolt 2 have now.

No! They’re gonna fix the cooldown and times of the wars so that you don’t feel forced to log in every 2 hours! The rewards are fine imo, maybe a little low for 8 days of hard work, but once they implement the changes that I listed earlier in this post, those rewards will be looking real good!

Madlen did responded here 

So please be patient and wait what kind of info will be given and what kind of improvements are done. 

Yes, last time was a long time and felt like work. but hey, it was also the first conquest and we literally had fun to discover a lot of things by ourselves. We mad funny rookie mistakes, but having the experience now, we know how to do things better which hopefully is less time intensive. Main problem was moving needed login every 1-2 hours, which was costing a lot of time during first 1-2 days. Another problem was needing to explain it to a lot of members and repeating that time after time, which literally kept us in the game for more time than we intended. 

for example I did intent to login for a move of 3 tiles and wanted to disconnect afterwards, but when you see members asking a lot of info, it keeps you busy for another hour, instead of 1-2 minutes. 

That’s why I ask, please be patient. The CM plus team are aware of most problems and for sure do their best to make things better. That teams decide not to participate is their free choice.