A way to have same oportunity as top alliances

Lot players complaining the game makes the gap between topalliances and the rest becomes bigger.  Mostly because a lot of gold is needed to keep the boosts.

I see lot alliances with a few members bought subscriptions.

Maybe we should change mentality and make alliances with the most part subscription buyers 

If flare goes the pay to play way,  we should make solution against it.






Wrong section.

Post in „Looking for an Alliance“ if you like to establish a new one with only paying users.  :lol:

You can do 3 things

1st for free players change almost nothing : they don’t care about spending money

2nd : you can buy subscription in a team with 1 or 2 or a few and spent money in the game for having less back for it

3rd : you but subscription in a team with 50 or more and get the most for in return


You choose what you want, but of i but subscription i would like it in a team with 50 or more, or i don’t even think off buying it.  Than rather free player than spent 50 € for getting less in return

In vl like 50 subs and i hope will be 60 very soon . Uts like 15 k-18 k per month

its like -40% offer for me

very good


so teamy i think its a good idea


You want to conquer Flare’s pay to win concept by paying? :huh:

No, i only will say :

You have to kind of players :

1st those who play for free => they don’t care about the changes and keep play for free

2nd those who buy gemchest => game goes in a direction you can better unite to get the most out off the game

Let explain : you see in alliance a few people buy subscription: they got almost nothing in return : a few % ally more and 300 gems/buyers.   At the end, when for sample 50 individuals but in 50 different ally subscription, those 50 people spent 50 € for nothing.

When those 50 persons do the same in 1 ally => at least 70% ally gold bonus, about 15k gems each person, easily keep all boosts and those persons spent the same 50 €

What do you think happens in the top alliances : they figured out what they got the most for the money they spent.


When i would spent money on subscription it will be only in team with at least 50 subscriptions : much cheaper than buy gemchest.  And do i pay flare salary : no i got the most out off the money i eventually like to spent

You’re forgetting ad revenue, which I assume all players must help generate.

And you’re forgetting community. If you want to play a game where there are ONLY pay-to-play players, then you have chosen the wrong game.  Some players like to play for free… good for them: if they don’t see value in PAYING a little money to keep the lights on, then Flare need to work harder (or give them more ads to watch). Some players like their alliance enough to buy a subscription (despite being the few)… good for them: it’s their money, let they do with it as they wish. And some players like to spend lots of money… good for everyone: they’re keeping the lights on, and the coffee machine full.


To be fair: I do agree about the alliance subscription being the BEST value ONLY if EVERYONE in alliance gets it (i.e. I think it is better value (assuming you want to help alliance) to spend your money on gems and make extra gold donations to alliance). And there lies the problem: realistically all the TOP alliances will be pay-to-play… which means you’ve created a system where free-to-play players are even more of a 2nd class citizen than they already are… hardly seems a logical move for fostering a stronger community. Ideally: all players should be treated equally: just pay-to-play players get things faster with more ease… but in this new order that Flare has imposed, if you are NOT a pay-to-play player (or more specifically, DO NOT have the alliance subscription): then does that lock you out of certain alliances??? If that is the case, then that is a terrible thing that lessens the community aspects of RR2.


Check Roaring lions, Apocalipse, Todes

they are not use subs, like 5-6 only each alliance.

so we cant say- top alliances are pay for play


we have players in VL which will not buy subs, none ask them leave if they are strong and good in wars

Well that is a good thing. I hope it stays that way.

It will all depend on how good the Pro boosts are.  If they are good enough that the top will want to keep them all active then they will need players in every Pro-Event.  


Its good for FLARE. Good move to force ll to buy ticket

It’s actually a bad move by flare. You are right, this will force people who want the same opportunity as top alliances to buy tickets. But smarter free players will quit the game. It’s ■■■■■■ and unfair that way this game is being upgraded.

Once again, if flare made these Pro Boosts good, it could help them, but more likely they’ll be seeing more players leaving the game as they see that the new stuff is clearly only available to top players and alliances

Whats a shame - you need pay for fun???


low alliances can live without pro, they dnt need it

or they can manage their players and 10 take part in 1 pro, 10 in another and if u have 40 players in alliance- u will use only monthly tickets and will have all pro boosts. But how you will prolong them ???


That’s the real question. Lower lvl alliances do not have enough donations to keep alot of boosts active. Most lvl30-50 alliances can’t even buy Knight+Cannon+Ogre+Wolf boosts 24/7 if they want to keep leveling their alliance at a decent pace (1-2 level ups per month). Most of these alliances can’t even prolong war boosts once they expire. If they don’t prolong froster/pyro’s war boost, why would they prolong the paladin’s boost? There’s just not enough gold.

So yes, lower lvl alliances have a problem here but it’s not because making 10k is too hard, it’s because their donations are too low.

This is my point. Low alliances may get these boosts, but they cannot prolong them if they want to keep normal boosts. Top Alliances have all the gold they want, they can have them boosted forever and never take part in a Pro League again

You strange. Its like War boost, unreal prolong forever

Also it will force good players to leave weak alliances and join to better, its not bad.

Weak alliances must grow up or die

This is what ULTRON wanted in Avengers: Age of Ultron. 

Will a Community or society survive like this?? 

Your definition of WEAK will keep on changing as the last layers of WEAKS disappears. Even at the end there will be some WEAK. 

An ideal society of only STRONGS is possible?


ideal society is nature. Or you strong or they will eat you.


who need this 10000 weak alliances? Why players which want play and growing need to play forever witg players who dnt want grow? I have no reason for that.

alliance leader is hard job. You need work hard to growing its not easy way. For example i dnt want be alliance leader. And dnt want to be a general. I prefer to be a soldier!

No this is awful, why would flare make it to where there are no new alliances? And @mLordPk is exactly right, it is just like Ultron. Only the strong survive? What kind of sicko thinks that that is a fun thing to have

You with LordPk can prolong live in ur dreams) no problems)