A way to solve alliance problems

I think a way to solve problems like players spamming inbox’s with applications and no communication because they don’t speak the same language, or even having as the alliance is to do the following: Implement an “alliance rules” page where players can see the requirements for joining the alliance and what you should do when you are in the alliance. I think this would help explain to players the reason that they are not being allowed into alliances, making the generals job a whole lot easier. I will also connect this with one of my previous suggestions of greying out the “Apply” button for players who do not have the correct amount of min donations for the alliance, once again making the generals job a ton easier. Tell me what you think of this!

Well we can expect this in 4.0  :wink:

the main problem is more player don’t know what Flag means. I have seem so many time in RR2 or OR the same problem. You use a USA Flag for English and you got spanish player or chinese player who don’t understand any word. The problem is more the player don’t choose the right alliance depending their language. So at the final the leader can say 100 times attack in War Season,donate and help each members,etc… the player don’t understand anything and leave finally after doing nothing in War Season or after a Ninja Event,etc…

so the solution the Keen team must add a tutorial who explain when joining a alliance what the Flags means

I have join a alliance few weeks ago my 2nd alliance they have use a USA Flag but no one speaking english lol. Italien,spanish,etc… a confusion total I have leave enough fast lol

Not being a general will also make your job easier.

I have played a lot of mobile games and RR2’s message is one of the best. I would rather have dev time be spend on other things.

There’s your solution @AwesomestKnightest, just get rid of generals lol