A week long Alliance Party Event.

So… Next event of _history month _is here and we have  AT event. Flare deserves a lot of thanks for making announcement 24 hr prior to the event withing the game itself. Earlier I thought only end timing will be displayed but they have done a very thankful job by showing the starting time too… Many Many thanks Flare

Now coming to the event…many top players will again say that this is a useless event. I agree with them too but I’m happy that they have brought it(sorry?). I have enough gems and was waiting from a long time. I’ll jump from 1000k to 1500k in single week(provided it is a week long event) and I’m very very happy.


I think im the top player and i happy) i will get a lot of free ubers???

i agree with you,but the events wont justify their history month name…

i wish the alliance party was combined with blacksmith or defense or any other event.

alliance chest with gems in it,items wont be there.

Do you think gems are worster then items?)

not like that,since u guys always melt items,items would be more useful i thought.

You are always in opposite so not surprised to see u happy :wink:

By the way when everyone has max AT in you alliance then why would they buy gems?? ??

A lot of alliances are still not max. This event also gives us 40% tax bonus.  Some players will skip cooldown or do gem donations.

Im not in an opposite.

i just enjoy EVERY event, EVERY stuff - cuz It is for free. And i like it. Even if it is useless for me, it will help to other low and middle players.

i think i will get like 30-40 ubers this week) bet on it.

that is the part of Top alliance, many guys are buying gems( pals, raids, donates, and etc etc)

Yeah right, I completely forgot that part in excitement.

Out of topic: seeing you after a long time, are u back?? 

I’ve always played the game. But got a little bored with the forum. It’s not like it use to be here and Flare seems to be moving away too.

Even tough my AT already maxed, I’m happy for this event because there’s still +40% tax bonus and I can meltdown and forge things without have any loss (compared to granny event).

Most of my fellow alliance members waiting for this event to upgrade their AT so it’s good opportunity for them and they can do it multiple times due to long length the event take place.

It’s indeed good and if they hurry up with trivia rewards later this week I might be able to max my AT (miss around 800 gems to do so). If I don’t make it, well… Later I will be able to do so.

Just for the 40% tax bonus it’s good. My team should be able to level up. 

I like the pre announcement, I know know I can forge again.

Plz don’t forge till tomorrow … Who knows if this event won’t be a week long. Wait till tomorrow or till a official announcement in the evening. 

Agree that forum is not like it used to be.

You’re wayyyyy too careful bro…thats lame!

I don’t believe on flare :grinning:

and I would loss nothing even if I forge it in evening or tomorrow. 

This is the perfect event for every alliance that isn’t max level yet. This is the event our alliance was patiently waiting for. Even if you’re max level, it’s still a good event to get gold for future champs, shields, boosts and all this stuff. You can never have enough gold in this game

What is the end time? 

I don’t know what is actually you are asking but If I’m getting it right then you are asking when will the event end…  I don’t know. 

And if you are asking what does end time mean then it means  the time when the ongoing event will end.