Abandoned/Lost Alliance

I’ve Been Playing RR2 Since 2015, That Time I Always Check The Top 10 Alliance Because I Was So Inspired By Those Strong Players And Strong Alliances. I Was Dreaming To Be Part Of Them Someday But Then I Stopped Playing At 2017 Because I Was So Busy At School And Need To Focus On It. (Sounds Crazy Right? HEHE)

And Then I Started Playing Again Last Year, Mid December 2019 It Really Has Alot Of Changes. I Checked The Top Alliances And Realized They Are not Part Of It Anymore. I Tried To Search Them But I Found Out That Many Players Just Abandoned Their Strong, Good Alliance. I Was So Disappointed That I Saw It.
The Top 10 Alliance That I Remember Are:
The Lions Den 2
! Hello Korea !
Vanguard Legion
Team Brasil

Does Anyone Know Why This Happened To Them? I Really Want To Know The History

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Fiefdoms made damage… I guess :man_shrugging:

Alliances comes, alliances goes

Players are matter, not alliances


Some of this alliances will be back with Version 6.0.