Ability to delete towers


Could you please add the functionality for us to delete old towers that we are no longer using and will never use again?

That would be fantastic.



There is an option to store your tower in a warehouse. Maybe you could try that.

Yes, I am aware of that option.  I want the option to delete old towers from warehouse.


As warehouse doesn’t have any limit of the number of towers in there you don’t really need the option to remove them. Also note that there are special war boosts introduced for almost all towers, especially those which you stop using at certain point - I’m not saying that those boosts are always super cool, useful and powerful but at least you can take out of storage your unesed arrow or frost tower and you can test them with those boosts.

And keep in mind that sometime people will delete towers by error. Not a good idea.

Yeah, a delete tower option isn’t good…

Also have in mind how Flare can change within one update unuseful towers/spells/troops into essential ones. You don’t really want to wake up one day and regret you deleted 10 mid lvl towers when they turn out to be a super powerful. It is good as it is.