Ability to exchange forged perks to the higher order item

I wish there can be some way to be able to exchange forged perks to the best item.

As the game progresses you are bound to find better and better items, which means the old ones become obsolete. However, once in a while, you get a rare perk, in which you invest and make it grow only to be in the agony of discarding it or not being able to use it.

Why can’t there be a system where at least an item which was forged 10 or more times gets transferred to the new higher level item. If the blacksmith requires extra pearls to do the work let him have it. At least, FG can aid players in that quest. Every king who goes to the war would always want the best items to help him win the war.

As I told, it need not be every perk, but only those that were forged 10 or more times.


There has been some discussion on this previously, but that was in general. Now, it is more specific to forged perks.