Let me say I have no idea why king ju decided to message this. We just came out of a hard fought war with well deserved 2nd. He was never treated badly by anyone in our alliance and left of his own will.

alcohol knows what he does :)))

Sometimes people get into one of their moods, haha, just look at UberBiff, he got into a mood and almost got kicked off the forums! My thought is that maybe he’s going through a rough time in real life. Give him a few weeks, perhaps he will settle down a bit, hopefully, in the end, he’ll come back to your alliance

I dunno, but someone might want to check on him, the 2nd and 3rd pms sound like he’s choking! ?


After suffering thru 6 days of incomprehensible gibberish, and several attempts to engage in real communication, I unfriended him. Hope he gets better and finds fun in this game other than sending me junk in messages.

Do you have send this screenshot to Flare via support? Probably Flare can ban him to the game. This attitude or temper are not allowed in the game. So if you have not do it then please do it. Don’t let a person like this be in the game. People have problem with cheater so with bully or raged one no need more

Lol, I understand your thought, but you can’t force a player to stay in an alliance, no matter his attitude. Flare cannot ban him. @TRuNNioN did the correct thing and just unfriended him. No need to waste time reading junk messages. +1 for you Trunnion!

its not totally about his attitude in the alliance. I don’t care if someone swear or whatever. Freedom is more than welcome but however if someone bully you,harass you or say bad thing in PM. In the past we have see so many player be banned by Flare for less than that. Many sometime share screenshot of people who write bad post. Like on forum. In a game is tolerance 0. They have rule and players must follow the rules. 

Just the fact someone say to you : ‘‘I’m kill you’’ is enough to be ban from the game. If that was in any others online game. This player will be banned from the game. Word sometime have consequence and some player must accept to be punish for their action. Lucky this player don’t have say this on Facebook or Twitter because probably the police will arrest him for those words

By example I don’t know if you have read some articles about e-sport player banned for bad attitude and don’t respect of gay or for racism,etc… In any game there is rule no matter what.

Like on Facebook I have learn you cannot say all thing you want. You will banned from all page you follow if you have bad attitude or whatever. Rules are everywhere.

If this player is not banned from the game. He is very lucky then…hope for him he will not do it again elsewhere until he find someone who will report him to Flare. Maybe Trunnion don’t care but one day this player will find someone who will report his bad attitude.

For now its just ‘’ I’m kill you’’ but next time can be : ‘’ I gonna find you where you live and will kill all your family’’

Just hope Flare have read this and don’t ignore this. In real life some people are kill for real because police don’t take this seriously. If you read each day news paper or watch TV. Something that begin by just some word like : ‘i’m kill you’’ and sadly the person pass to the act

I will not trust someone who say this to me. you never know what is the real meaning behind this word. Don’t take this for a joke


Yes, but it could also mean that he’s just gonna attack his base which would make the saying make sense. So, I understand what you are saying when you say that he should be banned for threatening to “kill” Trunnion, lol, but I seriously believe he just means to kill him in the game

Hope you have right ?

Don’t you think that is a bit extreme?  I mean, all he did was explain that he was going to kill you.  Happens every day - don’t be so sensitive.  

I think he is just bored and had no other outlet than to message me. I know he has no plans to actually kill me, because he is in Germany and I am in US. Thanks Warriornator for your concern. I wish him luck and hope he finds enjoyment in something real.